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Middle East India-Pakistan route-Marine route

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-04
Middle East Line The southern region and the central Mediterranean refer to the region from the eastern Mediterranean to most of the Persian Gulf. From the geographical point of view, it is also the northeast of Africa and the southwest of the Asian continent. The Great Hope communicates with the Indian Ocean, and the link between the West and the East is the role of the Middle East Line. It is also the hub and throat of Europe via North Africa. Bahrain, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine are all countries included in the term Middle East route, of which Egypt, Somalia, and Sudan are geographical terms Africa, but some ports are termed the Red Sea region of the Middle East. India-Pakistan Line The main countries of India and Pakistan are: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and so on. The India-Pakistan route is mainly composed of major ports around India and Pakistan, specifically the route from the Bay of Bengal to some eye-line ports in the Arab and Korean countries, including Maldives, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
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