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Mechanical parts take the fba first journey by

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-11
Jenny is doing Amazon e-commerce trade in Guangzhou, mainly selling mechanical parts products. Recently, a customer placed an order to be sent to the Amazon warehouse in the United States, so she was looking for a professional China-US dedicated line fba forwarder to deliver it. And Jenny watched it on the Internet for a long time and noticed VIPUTRANS, a logistics company, and saw that they are focusing on China-US dedicated line shipping, so he consulted the customer service on the website about Amazon shipping fba service related information.

After the customer service john learned the relevant cargo information, he immediately arranged the business owen to contact Jenny for a quote. Jenny’s goods are all mechanical parts, including drive shafts, couplings, clutches and gear transmissions, and the volume is about 5 square meters. Owen chose the shipping channel according to customer needs, and also made a quotation based on the cargo situation, and our American shipping line is a flat price, and the price is affordable and there will be no other hidden consumption. After understanding the price, Jenny said that he needed to discuss with the boss before considering it. A few days later, Jenny once again consulted and communicated with VIPUTRANS business, and felt that our price was still in line with her requirements, so she finally decided to deliver the goods to us and deliver them to our warehouse on the same day. Shipment can be arranged immediately as soon as the schedule arrives.
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