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Maritime export operation process-Maritime operation

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-05-21
Shipping inquiry needs to understand the main advantages of the main shipping companies, provide the basic port, box type, cargo name, weight to the shipping company, and ask what the freight rate contains (whether it is ALL IN RATE, what are the surcharges) and the shipping schedule , Voyage, route, validity period, etc. 1. Accept Inquiries 2. Inquiry (1) Shipping inquiry needs to understand the main advantages of the main shipping companies, provide basic port, box type, cargo name and weight to the shipping companies, and ask what the freight rate contains (whether it is ALL IN RATE, what are the surcharges) And the ship schedule, voyage, route, validity period, etc. (2) Inquiry for domestic land transportation Need to know the basic city of the port, kilometers and trailer prices. Provide accurate door address and cargo weight to the fleet. (3) Inquiry for overseas agents If customers need to pay for shipping or import business, they need to pay attention to whether our company has an agent at the destination port, provide relevant information to overseas agents to inquire about the freight rate, and pay attention to the exchange rate and agency fees. 3. Quote 4. Order acceptance and examination After accepting the quotation, the customer needs to book the booking in the form of a BOOKING ORDER, which must be stamped or signed by the customer. (1) Key information needs to be reviewed after receiving the order: Consignee Port of departure and port of destination Box volume and box type Product name, piece of wool (number of pieces, gross weight, volume) Payment methods Shipping schedule, customer special requirements or precautions, etc. (2) Confirm the packing situation: Arrange the trailer to the customer's factory for packing or The customer sends the car to the designated warehouse for packing. 5. Booking System power of attorney: According to the client's power of attorney, the power of attorney is formulated, indicating freight and special matters. When making the order, the data of the original consignment note should be ensured to the maximum extent to be correct and consistent, so as to reduce the frequent changes in the subsequent process. Stamping the company's booking seal: Booking the seal of the power of attorney to the agent or shipping company. Special cargo such as dangerous goods must be prepared with all relevant information before booking. Booking Booking Receipt (S / O--Shipping Order, namely booking confirmation): promptly request booking booking receipt from the booking party. The receipt must include basic information such as ship name, voyage, bill of lading number, departure date, customs clearance time, and terminal. Next loading (incoming notice): fax the relevant information of the booking receipt to the customer, that is, inform the customer of the accurate booking information, so as to prepare the goods in time, prepare the customs declaration documents and other related matters, this is the step of completing the booking. 6. Trailer or warehouse packing (1) Generation trailer (outside towing) Contact the fleet according to the loading address and packing time provided by the customer and arrange the trailer to be packed at the factory. First of all, we must implement the shipping company's requirements for opening and closing dates, and inform the customer of the specific situation; according to the customer's requirements (generally included in the customer's booking manifest), specify the specific location, time, contact person, telephone and Whether the bill of lading is required, whether to transfer customs and other information, if there is a conflict with the shipping company's stipulated time, the customer should be notified as soon as possible so that the customer can make appropriate adjustments; Fill in the trailer contact form, pay attention to the special information such as whether to transfer the customs, and indicate the requirements of the guests, pass the shipping company's shipping list and trailer contact list to the trailer dealer, and call to confirm that the dealer has received it. The important precautions must be explained one by one, so that the fleet can execute smoothly; in the case of transit, the fleet should be clearly informed of the location of the customs clearance so that the fleet can dispatch the car according to the requirements of the local customs; The container number, license plate number, and driver's contact information provided by the team should be notified to the guests on the day of loading, so that guests can understand the actual progress of the trailer. Supervise the towing and loading situation of the convoy. If there are any problems, they should be dealt with as soon as possible, and the container should be safely returned to the designated terminal. (2) Warehouse packing (built-in) The customer arranges delivery to our designated warehouse. Special packing requirements (such as reinforcement, bulky goods) need to be confirmed with the warehouse in advance for operation and related costs; The letter of attorney with complete cargo information and accurate booking information will be sent to the warehouse, and the ship's name, voyage, bill of lading number, shipping company, arrival time, terminal, specific arrival time, packing requirements, special requirements such as fumigation, inspection Boxes, etc., in order to promptly prepare the box to receive the goods; At the same time, fax the arranged warehouse information, address, receiving time, contact person, telephone and other information to the customer, and ask the customer to deliver the goods within the specified time. If the delivery time or the number of items changes, communicate and coordinate with the venue in time. To ensure smooth receipt. 7. Entry list Regardless of whether the towing factory packs or arranges for internal loading, the corresponding container seal number should be requested from the fleet or warehouse in time, and the packing list (CLP―Container Loading Plan) should be fed back to the shipping company or shipping agent before entering the port, so that the goods can enter the port smoothly after being released Get on board. 8. Customs declaration and inspection Under normal circumstances, the commodity inspection shall be reported first, and the commodity inspection shall be released before customs clearance. Customs declaration needs to be released on site after the goods return to the terminal. Freight forwarding companies will entrust professional customs brokers to handle customs declaration matters. Basic documents for customs declaration: (different shipping ports, different trade methods will have different types or forms of documents) The carbon-free copy of the customs declaration is in two copies, and a special seal for customs declaration is required; A copy of the power of attorney for customs declaration, which needs to be sealed; Packing list (Packing List) in duplicate, need to be stamped with a special stamp; Commercial invoice (Commercial Invoice) in duplicate, need to be stamped with special invoice; One contract, usually by fax; The verification form needs to be stamped with official seals and cannot be altered. The customs at the port of shipment must be filed for record; If there is a commodity inspection and certificate replacement, an agent declaration inspection and quarantine power of attorney shall be provided and the official seal shall be affixed. Precautions: The customs declaration document shows that the relevant number of items, gross weight, volume, and product name must be consistent with the booking entrustment and actual delivery information, that is: the principle of single conformity; All customs documents should be clear and cannot be altered; The packaging of all exported goods of the company must be marked with the box number and indicated on the packing list, otherwise the customs will not accept customs declaration; If it is a customs declaration document from another province, please pay attention to whether it is registered or annually checked at the export port customs; The eight-digit commodity code (H.S. code) must be accurate; Pay attention to the customs clearance time, you must clear the customs before the customs clearance time; Pay attention to the changes of materials for customs clearance and reconfiguration, and communicate with the customs broker and customers in time to confirm; 9. Bill of lading confirmation and modification Usually the bill of lading is a document of property rights. Samples of the bill of lading must be faxed to the customer before the cut-off time. The contents of the bill of lading must be modified according to the customer's needs until the confirmation is OK. The cargo information must be consistent with the customs declaration information. Pay attention to the timing of the cut-off time, usually the changes beyond the cut-off time will result in a change of order fee, which will be borne by the relevant responsible person; If you need to change the order, confirm the required documents and fees with the shipping company, and make changes in time according to customer requirements; The form of bill of lading is arranged according to the specific needs of customers; Keep relevant confirmation documents. 10. Fee confirmation Cost confirmation: After the ship is opened, confirm the details of the relevant expenses with the booking party, customs broker, warehouse or fleet. Receivable confirmation: Generate a fee confirmation form based on the company's confirmed quotation, and confirm the fee with the customer. The fee confirmation must be stamped or signed back by the customer, especially the customer in the billing period, must keep the confirmation. 11. Signing and placing orders Shipowner's bill of lading (issue a straight order): After the ship is opened (usually 2-5 working days), according to the signing requirements of different shipping companies, sign the fee. After the client settles the related expenses, he / she can apply for issuing the bill to the client. Freight forwarding bill of lading (sub-separation): Sub-separation is usually issued after the main bill is signed back, and the sub-separation is issued based on the basic information such as the date of signing the main bill. Regardless of whether the bill of lading is the same as the original confirmation, whether the bill of lading is complete and correct, and whether the form of the bill of lading conforms to the customer's requirements, regardless of whether the bill of lading is the same as the original confirmation, whether the main bill or the sub-bill is signed. Record the bill of lading handover details when issuing the bill. Whether the customer comes to take the bill or mail the bill of lading, the basic information such as the date, method, number, and delivery person must be clearly recorded to prevent the loss caused by the loss of the bill of lading. Release of cancellation form: if the customer entrusts our company to declare customs, it should prompt the customs broker to return the cancellation form and the tax refund rebate of the customs declaration form to the customer in time after the ship has opened (usually within 15-35 working days). So that customers can write off the tax refund in time. The return of the verification form should also have a clear handover record to prevent the loss caused by the loss of the document. 12. Issue a forecast For the shipping bill of lading business, after the ship is opened, the relevant documents and information of the ticket business need to be sent to the foreign agent so that the agent can arrange the import information in time. Content requirements: The main bills, sub-bills, bills are sent to the corresponding agents in the form of attachments to inform the departure information, arrival date, shipping company, and other basic information of the ticket. Time requirements: usually after the ship is opened, the forecast must be sent to the foreign country in a timely manner when the main and the separate orders are prepared. The offshore route does not exceed 3 days from the departure date, and the ocean route does not exceed 7 days from the departure date. Agents maintain timely communication.
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