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Maersk just won the Best Employer Award, and then

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-28
Maersk China won the '2019 Best Business Employer Award in Asia'

According to the latest news from Souhang.com, Maersk China recently won the '2019 Asia's Best Employer Award'. However, soon afterwards, Niels Bruus, Head of Personnel of Maersk Line’s maritime department, said in an interview with Danish media that Maersk’s position in seafarers is relative to competitors. The cost of the seafarer should be 25% higher, and said that reducing the operating cost of seafarers will be its focus in the next year.

The '2019 Best Business Employer Award in Asia' was issued by HR Asia, an influential human resources media publication in Asia. This is the first time Maersk China has participated in the selection.

Maersk China, with its outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, high employee recognition, rich employee care, empowerment, development and a series of projects, stood out from nearly 260 corporate candidates and became the only company in the shipping logistics industry to receive this honor.

Recently, the award ceremony was held in Shanghai. Ms. Wu Bingqing, President of Maersk Greater China, attended the event and accepted the award and spoke on behalf of the company.

Will reduce seafarers’ operating costs

Citing the Danish media Sfart, Niels Bruus, the personnel director of Maersk Line’s maritime department, said recently that if our seafarers’ costs are the same as our competitors, then roughly calculated, our annual seafarers’ operating costs will drop by approximately 8000-9000. Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

It is reported that Maersk currently has approximately 12,000 seafarers, and the excessively high cost will bring higher competitive pressure.
'We have to realize that our seafarers’ costs are 25% higher than our competitors. We spend too much money on operating our personnel. This is a problem to a large extent if we Measures must be taken to remain competitive in this regard.'

According to his introduction, Maersk will spend about 500 million US dollars on seafarers every year. Although he also confirmed that there will continue to be Danish cadre seafarers and ordinary seafarers in Maersk’s fleet, he also said that he must use all methods as best as possible. Reduce seafarers’ operating costs.

According to shipping watch news, Maersk said, “This is not a plan solely aimed at lowering wages, but also includes adjustments in other feasible aspects, such as adjustments to shift schedules and working conditions.
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