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Ma Yun talks about SF Express: there is no competition

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-15
On July 11, at Alibaba's 2017 World Internet Business Conference, Ma Yun first mentioned the friction between the rookie network and SF Express in terms of data interfaces.

In his speech, Ma Yun talked about the competition between SF and SF. He admitted that the conflict between SF and SF was also seen online. In his view, SF is a good company: 'Service is good, although the price is a bit Expensive, but good service should have an expensive price.' In Ma Yun's view, the security of the data behind this conflict is: 'We insist on the security of data, but the logistics company must still have its own ideas. I did not expect this The friction finally became such an event, but it was normal.' When talking about the future with SF Express, Ma Yun said that the future opportunities are really great, and we do not need to impact another company.

Ma Yun said that Alibaba does not do courier business and there is no competition with courier companies. Ali has always emphasized that Ali cannot grab other people's jobs, but do things that others do not want to do, cannot do but have to do. .

Ma Yun finally said that everything will go to the end of death, and Alibaba hopes that when it does not exist, what people think about is Alibaba's contribution to the popularity of the Internet, big data and basic design, and Alibaba to young people And small business support.

Event review:

In early June, the rookie and SF's Honeycomb Technology disputed due to data interface problems. The rookie network and SF Express closed the interoperable data interface. Affected by this, a small amount of express information was not easy to query. Nowadays, fresh agricultural products such as cherries, lychees, bayberry, mangoes, etc. The delivery business is affected to a certain extent.

After the incident, the State Post Bureau attached great importance. On the evening of June 2, the State Post Bureau convened the top management of Cainiao Network and SF Express to coordinate the closure of the data interface between the two parties. SF and Cainiao agreed to resume business cooperation and data transmission from 12:00 on June 3.

On July 3, the State Post Bureau announced that Alibaba’s Cainiao Network and SF Group’s Fengchao Technology have reached consensus on data sharing cooperation. So far, the problems left over by both sides due to data exchange have been satisfactorily resolved.
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