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Knowledge! The basic process of drum cargo packing

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03

What is a roller type goods?

Reel goods such as paper, coiled steel, steel wire rope, cables, and coils; plastic film, tar paper, steel cylinders, rolls and other cylindrical goods; and rolling goods such as tires and tile pipes; similar to the above categories of goods, all have certain Directional scrolling feature. In ocean import and export operations, we classify goods with rolling characteristics in a certain direction as roller goods. The essentials of packing this kind of goods is how to eliminate its rolling characteristics and achieve correct, effective and reasonable transportation.

The following are the precautions for packing several kinds of goods

1. Loading and fixing operations of roll paper goods. In principle, roll paper goods should be installed vertically, and the cross-sections at both ends of the roll paper should be guaranteed not to be stained. As long as several rolls of paper near the door of the box and several rolls of paper on the inside are tied together with steel tape, and the gap at the door of the box is filled with filler, the goods can be fixed.

2. Loading and fixing operations of disk elements. Pan yuan is a kind of heavy cargo that can only be loaded mechanically, generally only one layer can be loaded at the bottom of the box. It is best to use a Tic-Tac-shaped disk element rack. Large plate elements can also be used for local strength adjustment and reinforcement treatment at the bottom of the container with wooden corrugations, clamps, wooden wedges, etc.

3. Cable loading and fixing operations. The cable is transported around the cable reel. When loading the cable reel, attention should be paid to the local strength adjustment of the bottom of the box. Large cable reels can only be loaded with one layer in the container. Generally, brackets are used to prevent rolling and local force strength adjustment is done at the bottom. Generally, suitable standard wood flutes are used for strength adjustment.

4. Loading and fixing operations of coiled steel. Although coiled steel is also a cargo with concentrated load, hot-rolled coiled steel is generally lighter than cables. When loading coiled steel, the goods must be close to each other, and then the lashing operation must be carried out. In addition, attention must be paid to the layout of the center of gravity. It is best to install it in the center of the container, so that the center of gravity is in the middle of the box and is not biased. For coils weighing about 3 tons, in addition to using wire ropes or steel belts to tie the coils tightly through the inner ring of the box, the coils should also be connected by wire ropes or steel belts; for coils weighing about 5 tons , Should also be fixed with square wooden strips. Wire rope is usually used for fixing, instead of steel belt, because steel belt is easy to break.

5. Tire loading and fixing operations. Small tires for ordinary trucks can be installed vertically and horizontally. It is relatively stable when installed horizontally and does not require special fixing. Large tires are generally installed vertically. The loading method should be studied according to the diameter and thickness of the tire, and a reinforcement treatment plan should be made.                                

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