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Knowledge about container seals: classification and functions, matters needing attention

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
If you are not in the foreign trade industry, you definitely don't know what container seals are. The container seal is a lock of the container, but it can only be used once. After opening it, it breaks and can no longer be used. There is a seal on it, which is unique. If the number on the container seal obtained by the customer is the same as that on the bill of lading, it means that the container has not been opened and the goods are intact. Today, the editor will give a detailed introduction on the relevant knowledge of container seals, so that you can clearly know the relevant knowledge of containers even if you are not an insider. 1. The classification of seals can be divided into: factory seals (factory seals, which are added by export factories); customs locks (closed seals, that is, customs seals, which are added by the customs); ship seals (shipping company seals, It is added by the shipping company); Temporary Wharf Seal (Temporary Wharf Seal is added by the Wharf).   According to the material and function of the seal, it can be divided into: high security seal (also called bullet seal), steel wire seal, plastic seal, iron seal and padlock seal, etc. 2. When to add temporary seals at the dock     accidentally broke the seal on the back door of the cabinet when unloading the ship;     when the container was unloaded in the dock and the consignee took the first batch of goods. [Container seal style] 3. Operation program (I) Zhongshan (Feeder)-Yantian (mlther vessel)-overseas means that the Zhongshan barge goes to Yantian and then transfers to a large ship. Each container on board is declared in Zhongshan and then transferred to Yantian, then Zhongshan is loaded Before boarding the barge, there are two methods:      (1) Enlarge the shipping company's seal on the back door of the cabinet, and declare with this seal number (the customs does not add customs locks). When the export factory prepares the cabinet (that is, installs the cabinet), a temporary factory seal is usually added to avoid theft of the goods in the cabinet during the land transportation from the Yamaguchi factory to the Zhongshan Port. In a few cases, if the shipping company’s starting point of responsibility is the export factory’s DOOR (DOOR TO DOOR, DOOR TO CY), the shipping company’s seal may be added when the export factory completes the container.     (2) There are only barge company seals on the cabinets, but no customs seals. The shipping company seals must also be increased before loading ships in Yantian. When the barge clears customs in Zhongshan, the M/F (Manifest manifest, manifest), the customs enters the M/F into the computer (the M/F has the Seal NO. of each container, that is, the seal number on the container is recorded), and the local customs at Yantian Check whether the cabinet number is the same after calling out from the customs website.   (II) Dongguan trailers are supported in Shekou and then loaded into large ships for export. Tonnage trucks or containers are declared to Shekou in Dongguan for transit, then: only customs seals will be added in Dongguan. Ship company seals before loading the ship in Shekou, but if the shipping company is responsible for the land transportation from Dongguan to Shekou, that is, DR (DOOR)-CY or DR-DR, the shipping company seal will be added to Dongguan. (III) Zhongshan-Hong Kong-Overseas, some companies operate as follows: add two seals on the back door of the cabinet, one is Zhongshan-Hong Kong Toucheng Feeder Company; the other is Hong Kong-Overseas Second Journey Ship (mother Vessel or ocean vessel), only one seal can be displayed in the S/N (Seal NO.) column on the B/L related documents. In the case of customs inspection, both Seals will be cut at the same time. After checking, you need to re-seal (take two new seals to add), and show New Seal NO. on the document. 4. Matters needing attention    Carrier’s name (mostly abbreviations. Such as COSCO, MSC, PIL) and a series of Arabic numerals are printed on the seal of the shipping company. Usually, Carrier will hand over the seal to its agent to get the seal and add it after the cabinet is completed in the factory. Shipping company’s seals are usually bullet seals, which are very strong. When opening the cabinet doors, large iron scissors are needed to cut them off. Some people call Carrier’s name 'big seals.'   Normally, the seal should be added to the right half of the back door. Because the iron sheet of the pressing door is welded to the right door (that is, pressing the right to the left), when closing the door, the left door must be closed first and then the right door, and the opposite is the case when opening the door (nonsense). In theory, the four ears on the back door of the cabinet can be sealed.  Editor's summary: After the above editor summarizes the relevant knowledge of container seals, I believe everyone is already aware. Our VIPU Supply Chain international logistics will send the container seals belonging to the customer to the customer in the form of a photo after the loading is completed. The above seal is unique in the world. If the container is opened, the seal will change, so the customer does not have to worry about transportation. Will be opened or what. VIPU Supply Chain international logistics company provides professional door-to-door double customs clearance international logistics services for people going abroad or returning home all the year round. If you want to move furniture across borders by sea, please look for VIPU Supply Chain international logistics! If you are in need in this regard, please feel free to call our toll-free hotline.
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