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Kitchen furniture selection FBA head course

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-15
Mr. Li is the person in charge of a certain company doing US foreign trade. He has great expectations for the US market, so he opened a store on the US Amazon website and wanted to ship a batch of kitchen furniture from the US to the US Amazon FBA warehouse.

After Mr. Li had this idea, he must first find a reliable, safe, fast and cheap international logistics company. After careful screening, Mr. Li chose us online and contacted our customer service Xiaolin. Then call customer service Kobayashi to consult about the transportation of kitchen furniture. After about 5 minutes of preliminary detailed understanding, Mr. Li is quite satisfied.

In this regard, Lili, our business manager, reports the relevant expenses and operations to the customer, and provides customers with a high-quality choice, sea or air freight, whole cabinet or consolidation. This Mr. Li learned about the relevant quotations and precautions, and after listening to the advice of the business manager Lili, after consideration, he decided to cooperate with our company to start logistics transportation from China to the United States.

In the end, based on factors such as timeliness and price, we suggested that Mr. Li take LCL shipping in the United States, and formulated a set of high-quality LCL FCL shipping plans in the United States. Mr. Li was very satisfied with this and was very happy to reach a cooperation.
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