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Italian wine import declaration company

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
Food import declaration is more complicated than export declaration. There are more declaration documents, documents and filings involved. It is also related to a series of issues such as qualifications, commodity inspection on-site processing, and customs on-site interpretation. Therefore, guests need a professional , Experienced import agent.

Detailed introduction

1. Qualifications required for the import of red wine: import and export rights, food circulation license, alcohol circulation license.

2. Information required for customs declaration:

Contract, invoice, packing list; health certificate/health certificate/free sales certificate (issued by the foreign party official, must be the original); first bill of lading; certificate of origin (must be the original); foreign language label, Chinese label consignee's letter of commitment; customs declaration , Power of Attorney for Inspection Application (in duplicate); 10-15 labels for spare.

3. Red wine import declaration process:

Wharf change order-report to bonded warehouse-commodity inspection sampling-label review-labeling and labeling-import inspection (1-3 working days)-import customs declaration (1-3 working days)-tax release-send to Specify a place.

4. The tariff rates for red wine imports are: tariff 14%, value-added tax 17%, and consumption tax 10%


(1) In order to reduce the customer's logistics cost and capital occupation, it is recommended that the customer choose to enter the bonded area and enter our bonded warehouse, and then the import can be reported in batches according to the different needs of the customer. Of course, it can also be imported directly from the terminal.

(2) Commodity inspection sampling is required for import declaration. After the inspection, a hygiene certificate will be issued by the commodity inspection. After this hygiene certificate, it can be put on the shelf.

The import declaration process of red wine is a serious issue. As customs supervision is stricter, various import declaration documents must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of national laws. You must not get lucky and import through other channels. If something goes wrong, the victim is often the owner of the goods. The shoreline professional agent for red wine import: red wine Chinese label design, red wine label review and filing, red wine importer filing, red wine storage, red wine port customs clearance and other one-stop services.

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