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It is recommended to establish a leading aviation

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-31
On May 21, the third meeting of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference officially opened in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Liu Shaoyong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of China Eastern Airlines Group, and Party Secretary Liu Shaoyong said in an interview with a reporter from People’s Daily that this year’s “two sessions” submitted three proposals, focusing on the development of aviation logistics, national data security, and civil aviation emergency management capabilities for public health emergencies. Promote.

As an important part of modern logistics industry, aviation logistics is playing an increasingly important role in the process of economic globalization. According to statistics, although air cargo volume only accounts for 1% of the total global trade, the value of transported goods is as high as US$6 trillion, accounting for 35% of the total global trade value. International Air Transport Association (IATA) research shows that an increase in air cargo connectivity by 1% will bring about a 6% increase in trade volume.

In recent years, my country's aviation logistics has made great progress. In 2019, the cargo and mail transportation volume was 7.532 million tons, which is 60% of that of the United States, ranking second in the world. Whether it is service reform and opening up, ensuring the stability of the supply chain, or in the prevention and control of this epidemic, aviation logistics have played an important role.

In the current severe and complex international environment, it is vital to ensure the stability of the international supply chain. In the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year, the contradiction between 'can't get in' and 'can't get out' of international air cargo has been highlighted, and the problem of unbalanced and insufficient development of air logistics has become prominent, which does not match China's status as the 'world factory' in the global industrial chain. , There is still a big gap in serving economic and social development and ensuring the stability of the supply chain.

For the future of my country's aviation logistics, Liu Shaoyong suggested that it will be transformed to a higher value, faster distribution, and smarter way, so as to achieve more quality and efficient transportation. Specific suggestions include: First, we must build a world-class aviation logistics company with global competitiveness. It is recommended to establish a leading aviation logistics enterprise based on state-owned cargo airlines, promote air-rail, air-to-ground, and air-sea multi-modal logistics transportation to form a large logistics development pattern.

Second, we must build an aviation logistics hub. Select areas with complete industrial facilities, comprehensive transportation, and broad development prospects to build or renovate professional cargo airports.

Third, we must build a comprehensive aviation logistics information platform. Relying on cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things, the airport electronic cargo information platform, smart security inspection information system and the civil aviation administration industry-level aviation logistics public information service platform construction project are organically integrated.

Fourth, we must increase support for domestically-made aircraft. At present, my country's passenger and cargo aircraft are mainly imported from Europe and the United States, and must be considered from the national strategic level, and policy support must be increased from the aspects of research and development, operation, and services, so that domestic large aircraft with completely independent intellectual property rights can fly into the sky as soon as possible.

Promote the development of national big data, let the people enjoy the dividends of the big data era

In recent years, the digital economy has prospered and the era of big data has arrived. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has spawned a large number of new business formats involving data applications. At the same time, frequent domestic and foreign data security incidents have caused serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests of citizens and business interests of enterprises, and brought challenges to national data security. Internationally, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations and the US’s California Consumer Privacy Act have taken effect one after another. These laws and regulations not only stipulate strict data protection obligations, but also have a greater impact on Chinese companies due to their extraterritorial validity.

In order to accelerate the development of the digital economy, ensure national data security, and enhance China's right to speak in the international digital economy competition, Liu Shaoyong puts forward the following suggestions: First, accelerate the formulation of the 'Data Security Law' and define the boundaries of the rational use of data. On the basis of effective data protection, through the rational use of data, we will promote the development of national big data, so that the people can enjoy the dividends of the big data era.

The second is to establish extraterritorial applicable clauses in data protection legislation to protect national data sovereignty. It is necessary to provide law enforcement basis for cracking down on data crimes committed by foreign criminals against my country, while at the same time safeguarding my country's data sovereignty.

The third is to strengthen data asset transaction management and cultivate a healthy data transaction market nationwide. Provide a safe, reliable, efficient and active trading platform for the circulation of data assets.

The fourth is to establish a data protection officer system and improve corporate data protection organizations. The data protection officer system is used to improve the level of business operations in compliance with laws and regulations, and to cultivate the professionalism of employee data asset protection.

Fifth, intensify the crackdown on data security violations and set up specialized information trial agencies. It is recommended to set up a specialized information trial court to conduct special trials on data infringements and data crimes in order to achieve efficient use of judicial resources.

The sixth is to strengthen the spread of law to the people across the country and create an atmosphere for data protection. Strengthen the national awareness of the content of data rights and rights protection channels, advance the national big data strategy, and accelerate the construction of a digital China.

Further improve civil aviation emergency management capabilities for public health emergencies

Since 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has severely endangered world public health security, and has had a huge negative impact on the global economy, finance, and politics. To further enhance the civil aviation emergency management capabilities for public health emergencies is not only an urgent need for the current epidemic prevention and control situation, but also an urgent need for humans to fight against major infectious diseases in the future.

China Civil Aviation uses its own advantages in the industry to be a good 'first mover' and open up the 'main artery'. On the basis of its own epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work, China Civil Aviation has completed a series of epidemic prevention and control transportation tasks. It is in epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic, resumption of work and production and service economy Play a vital role in the restoration of social order.

Liu Shaoyong suggested that on the basis of this epidemic prevention and control practice, civil aviation's system for responding to public health emergencies should be improved as soon as possible, effectively reducing the possible harm and loss caused by public health emergencies, and further improving civil aviation emergency management of public health emergencies ability.

One is to clarify a principle. In response to the shortcomings and deficiencies exposed in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Civil Aviation Administration of the State Council has authorized the Civil Aviation Administration to issue emergency policies on behalf of the industry, and local governments and local airports must implement them in a unified manner.

The second is to establish a set of mechanisms. Clarify the organization and leadership of the civil aviation system in response to public health incidents, division of responsibilities, work processes, and business interfaces, establish and improve joint prevention and control mechanisms, and continuously improve the standardization and institutionalization of emergency work in the civil aviation system.

The third is to improve a plan. Combine the requirements of various existing emergency plans, and combine the experience and lessons of this epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic, revise and improve the 'Civil Aviation Emergency Control Plan for Public Health Emergencies.'

The fourth is to build a platform. Build an information platform for civil aviation response to public health emergencies, strengthen big data analysis and processing capabilities, share internal information in common, and realize external communication.

The fifth is to improve a regulation. Build a comprehensive, scientifically standardized, and effective civil aviation legal system for epidemic prevention and control. Under the conditions of epidemic prevention and control, how airlines, airports, customs and other relevant entities should prevent epidemics in accordance with the law and deal with them in accordance with regulations to avoid unnecessary disputes and legal risks.
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