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Issues that should be paid attention to in the

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-19
The issues that should be paid attention to in the Amazon FBA first trip, let me introduce you to the following:

For Amazon sellers, they should understand the relevant notes on Amazon logistics. The following are some of my own experiences as a logistics service provider:
In Amazon.com, most sellers are aware of the customs clearance process in the United States. The probability of inspections in the United States is relatively low, so the chance of tariffs is also quite low. But what I want to tell you is that these are conditional. Generally, the weight of the single ticket of the goods should be controlled within 300KG, and then it is well packaged, so that the product looks like the packaging of goods exported by regular factories. Matters needing attention in cargo declaration:
1 The US Customs does not require the payment of customs duties relative to the declared value of goods under 200 USD.

2. If the goods declared within 200USD and above 2000USD are spot-checked by the US Customs, the customer needs to pay customs duties through the account.

3. Relative to the goods over 2000USD, the probability of spot checks is relatively high. If the customs spot checks, the sender must provide a physical recipient or company in the United States to do the cumbersome formal customs declaration.

At this time, I suggest that the seller try to avoid the above risks, in order not to cause additional losses. In terms of channels: ordinary four major couriers can be selected, but DHL has temporarily suspended FBA-related business. (FBA goods use FEDEX less, because the need to provide documents is cumbersome, TNT has little advantage in the United States, and the time-effective cost is high.) Cargoes transited through New York or Los Angeles are strictly checked, and the probability of FBA cargoes being checked is also very high. How to determine the airport where the goods are cleared and transshipped according to the receiving address? This is easy to distinguish. For the FBA cargo, you can see the warehouse zip code. AZ 85043 This is the cargo transferred through the customs clearance in Los Angeles. KY 41048 This cargo is shipped through the Cincinnati customs clearance. The zip code starts with 7 8 9 These goods are transferred through Los Angeles customs clearance. The zip code starts with 0 may be cleared through New York Airport. The rest of the zip codes are cleared through Cincinnati. The SO postcode is 7/8/9/0, the recommended quantity is less than the number of shipments.
European FBA warehoused goods, Europe compared to the United States, customs are much stricter, this strict is for the strength of the spot check of the goods, taxation, goods category. The current customs are all electronic customs declarations, so the inspection of goods is a matter of probability. In the European countries, the United Kingdom is used as an example. The customs will also have an audit team to review it from time to time. Branch, this is all perverted performance.
After the goods arrive in the local area, the customs declaration office will conduct electronic customs clearance online. Generally, customs clearance can be completed within two hours. The customs system will review the tax entry and tax details.

1. The British Customs is duty-free for goods within 15KG of a single ticket, and only needs to pay 20% VAT [(VAT = goods declaration + freight + DUTY) * 20%].

2. The British customs tax is divided into two parts, the value-added tax rate is 20%, the calculation formula is: VAT = (goods value + DUTY + 0.4P * weight) * 20%, the duty DUTY is charged according to different products, the general tariff for electronic accessories 3 About %, the calculation formula UTY = (value + weight * freight unit price) * tax rate.

3. The declaration in the UK is similar to the 5-6-7USD standard for the declaration of general goods in Europe, except for products with high value. This 5-6-7 refers to the amount declared per kilogram.

There are many channels for double-clearance tax package in the market now. The 100% empty + dispatch mode of operation that can be done. The general express delivery service is certainly not guaranteed for Shuangqing.
The price of the double tax package market is confusing, and some of them are very low. What kind of operation is required to achieve such a low price? It is nothing more than ultra-low declaration during operation to reduce taxes. Will the European government allow this? Security cannot be guaranteed, and the VAT used for this customs clearance will not last long.
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