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Is Your IoT Deployment Secure? - Inbound Logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-04
Logistics I.T., Security, Technology Transportation and logistics companies recognize they must strengthen their approaches to cybersecurity but are not yet taking the practical steps to safeguard their industrial Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, according to a study done on behalf of Inmarsat.According to the study, which surveyed 125 businesses across the transport industry, 64% of respondents say their processes to combat cybersecurity threats could be stronger, and two thirds (66%) say more could be done to protect against data mishandling.Despite recognizing the enhanced security threats of Industrial IoT, just 38% have invested in new security technologies and only 39% have partnered with security specialists for assistance, indicating that not enough is being done to secure operations. One driver for this response is a lack of relevant skills, with 59% of respondents reporting they lacked staff with cybersecurity skills to deliver their Industrial IoT deployments.
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