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Is car paint a hazardous chemical? Precautions

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
Paint paint contains flammable solvents, so paint belongs to the third category of dangerous goods, flammable liquids. Car paint is also a kind of paint. Obviously, car paint is a member of hazardous chemicals and must be operated in accordance with the requirements of flammable liquids during transportation and storage.

Common automotive paints include baking paint, fluorocarbon metallic paint, acrylic paint, and varnish. These paints also contain a lot of solvents. Solvents are easy to burn or explode and are not small.

Car paint transportation is basically large-volume transportation, so it is impossible to find a car casually. The law stipulates that the transportation of dangerous goods must be carried out by a company with a dangerous goods transportation qualification certificate. If not, once caught, it will be punished. Very serious.

Car paint should be stored away from fire and heat sources; avoid rough handling, collisions, or drag; use professional dangerous goods vehicles for transportation; paint buckets should be fixed, stacked neatly, and driven at a uniform speed during vehicle transportation.

1. The paint loading and unloading process should be far away from high temperature points such as fire and heat sources, and be careful when loading the vehicle. There should be no rough behaviors such as collision, dragging, and mutual friction.

2. Paint buckets should not be upside down, and the bucket mouth should be placed upward; the stack should be neat, and the paint should be fixed with a net cover after loading and unloading.

3. When loading multiple layers on the truck, use cushions to separate the layers and fix the paint bucket

4. Do not roll the paint bucket down when unloading, and place it on violent friction to generate sparks, and no serious impact will occur to prevent the paint bucket from breaking.

5. The volume of transport vehicles must comply with explosion-proof standards. Do not stop and brake suddenly during driving to prevent the paint from colliding and breaking.

6. Carry fire extinguishers, straps, etc. in the vehicle, and no conflicting paint

Automobile paint is dangerous, so when choosing a transportation company, you must find a professional dangerous goods transportation company to ensure the safety of paint transportation.
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