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Introduction to the profound influence of the international logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
In most cases, international logistics specifically to immigrants, for study, living and transnational tourism are temporary, logistics demand is not big, also is the most necessary check-in luggage in the past. Compared with the domestic logistics, increase in the number of international migrants logistics directly led growth in the international logistics industry, promote the development of international freight forwarding and shipping companies. This is we can think of and see directly. As a matter of fact, the migration behavior of logistics has a more profound meaning: for human accelerated the development of science and technology culture, some people may be, what is the relationship between international logistics and human science and technology and cultural development. The answer lies in the logistics increased the fusion of mixed ancestry, as everybody knows, hybrid intelligence tend to be much higher than ordinary people, more and more people are immigrants means hybrids more and more. Human average IQ increases, & other; Einstein & throughout; The probability of level of the top talent was born is on the rise. Will indirectly promote the development of human beings. Maybe someone will ask, after all, the people of the world's population of immigrants, very few have so big of strength? You don't forget that the world more than 60 people, really walk in the forefront of science and technology leading scientists and artists are numbered. And, the cost of international migration is costly, can undertake this charge were mostly wealthy or technical talented person, itself smarter than ordinary people, these people often have better standards, the offspring of the combination is bound to have a higher quality.
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