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Interpretation! The difference and connection

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-03-01
With the development of logistics in the past decade, the term 'supply chain' has gradually appeared in the vision of major entrepreneurs. Some professionals even said that 'there is only a supply chain in the market and no enterprise'. The competition between enterprises is the competition between the supply chain and the supply chain. ' But for some 'little white', logistics and supply chain are stupidly unclear. In this article, we will take a look at the difference and connection between logistics and supply chain. First, the definition of logistics The concept of logistics was first formed in the United States. It originated in the 1930s and originally meant 'physical distribution' or 'goods distribution.' Introduced to Japan in 1963, Japanese means 'the circulation of things.' After the 1970s, the word 'logistics' in Japan gradually replaced 'the circulation of goods.' The word 'logistics' in China is a foreign word imported from Japanese materials, which is derived from the translation of 'logistics' in Japanese materials. China's logistics term standard defines logistics as: during the physical flow of goods from the place of supply to the place of reception, according to actual needs, organically combine functions such as transportation, storage, loading and unloading, packaging, distribution processing, distribution, and information processing. Up the process required by the user. Definition of supply chain The supply chain refers to the core enterprises, starting from supporting parts, making intermediate products and final products, and finally selling the products to consumers in the sales network, bringing suppliers, manufacturers, distributors to the end user as a whole. Functional network chain structure. The business philosophy of supply chain management is to optimize the overall supply chain from the perspective of consumers through collaboration between enterprises. Successful supply chain management can coordinate and integrate all activities in the supply chain, and ultimately become a seamless and integrated process. The concept of the supply chain is developed from the concept of expanded production, which extends and delays the production activities of the enterprise. We can describe the supply chain as a large leafy tree: the manufacturing enterprise forms the root of the tree; the exclusive agent is the trunk; the distributor is the branch and the treetop; the green leaves and safflowers are full of trees; The nodes of branches and stems contain the circulation again and again, and the context of communication is the information management system. Differences and connections between logistics and supply chains Logistics and supply chain are two different areas. At present, there are basically three viewpoints in the international understanding of supply chain: the concept of supply chain is an extension of the concept of logistics; logistics and supply chain are the same thing; the integration and integration of related business and resources. We believe that the above views all reflect people's understanding of the supply chain in some ways, and they all make sense from a specific perspective. However, we are more inclined to believe that the supply chain is different from logistics. The supply chain is not only an extension of the logistics concept. The supply chain is closely related to the business integration of the enterprise. Therefore, we prefer the third perspective. Supply chain management should actually include the integration between various functional departments within the supply chain organization and the integration between upstream and downstream organizations in the supply chain. The integration content includes business flow, logistics, and information flow. The integration objects include resources and organizations. , Business, processes, etc., so the concept of supply chain is broader than the concept of logistics.
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