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'Internet +' environment, how can in the network to find reliable international logistics lp?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
At present, the Internet in various fields affect our daily life, online shopping, online booking, online booking and so on, a change has occurred, 'Internet +' as we open the new mode of life, thus the search consulting the international logistics has also become a necessary choice of many immigrants. Now on the network all kinds of international logistics information emerge in endlessly, thing, coupled with various international logistics lp also good and bad are intermingled, so in the 'Internet +' environment, how can in the network to find reliable international logistics lp? A, what is the international logistics lp international logistics lp, refers to international shipping company specializing in private goods, the main customers for the immigrants, students, foreign nationals, diplomats, etc. , services mainly include: port to port, door to door, door to door double clear. Main process are: confirm the mode of transportation and quotation, evaluate and measure the volume, make sure the order, the door packaging, business operations, Customs declaration, inspection declaration, tank, shipping) , the port of destination customs clearance and delivery. Choose a different service mode, the process will be different. Second, how to choose the international logistics lp 1, the state of the international logistics website professional international logistics lp will have special website, if you search on the net of international logistics lp, click enter their website to view their website is real, look at their site registration time as well as information on the case status updates, etc. In general, the international logistics lp's website are made by someone who's in charge, although there are some small company website, but they are in order to save personnel costs, often at the site of a large number of updates, then there is better, and even some companies without website just depends on other service website such as 58 city, inclination, release information, so ready to immigration logistics choose friends international logistics lp, be sure to get to the Internet search their website, and check in. Is important to note that you must look at the other pictures on the site updates, international logistics lp will publish their packaging case images on the web. 2, telephone counseling test international logistics because of its particularity, so on logistics lp professionals, especially the personnel of the service request is extremely high, first of all, they are proficient in a foreign language can be determined, and in the process of customs declaration, customs clearance, transportation and so on has certain experience, the related policies and regulations is very old. When you consulting, they will be patient with your question answer, including various customs policy, contraband, and provide the relevant quotation scheme, necessary, best before consulting of international logistics related knowledge, process and matters needing attention, so that when you consulting, from which you can determine whether they are professional. In addition, they will ask you to provide relevant information such as documents, immigration logistics abroad need to provide: passport, visa, buy new invoice, detailed list items, volume and estimate the weight of the list. If the logistics lp documents inconsistent with the requirements of the customs, chances are they are blended out with informal channels. The risk of being seized by the custom. 3, query information on logistics lp international logistics lp in the domestic industry and commerce has registration information, consultation when you, you can ask its business license or relevant certificate, then check the authenticity in the related website; In addition, professional international logistics lp has formal offices, warehouses, etc. , if it's convenient for you to travel to the international logistics lp office under the field trips. In addition, professional international logistics lp is the international logistics association, member of a set of strict service standards: private goods duty-free customs clearance, delivery, put and dismantle packaging, clearing up the rubbish, use a simple furniture, and paid to assemble new furniture, piano tuning and provide housekeeping services. 4, international logistics lp offer a lot of customers in choosing international logistics lp, as to the price as a reference standard, it has a lot of misunderstanding. You should know that the international logistics is different from the domestic logistics, involve the link more, operating costs are high, here including artificial cost, customs clearance costs, transportation costs, etc. Some specializing in international freight forwarder or logistics companies, often with a low price to attract customers, but they will be in the process of international trade to operate private goods transportation, which often leads to a lot of customers in the choice of this kind of company's services, all sorts of things need to physically, such as packaging, customs declaration, customs clearance of what, in addition to consumer disputes arising problems after the main responsibility is difficult to find. And professional international logistics lp in strict accordance with the personal items for customs clearance, shipping, customs clearance, delivery all let the customer trust. In addition, professional international logistics lp in making quotation scheme, will all the details are listed in the carrier in the contract ( Such as the port of destination port fees, customs inspection or inspection and quarantine fees) , open and transparent, no hidden costs to customers; If you consult the logistics lp to provide the related materials, the need to pay attention to, in the process of handling is likely to produce some additional cost to bear by you. , analyzing the specific problems but also more than just VIPU international logistics Supply Chain brings some advice on how to choose the international logistics lp, in actual choice, more customers, do not covet is cheap, pay attention to details, so that in today's 'Internet +' circumstances will not be deceived, so as to find the real international logistics lp.
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