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International transportation piano valuables such as calligraphy and painting, how to pack to carry?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
In international logistics, valuables, such as piano, calligraphy and painting, annatto furniture, because its value is relatively high, bear the risk of natural logistics lp can also is higher than general cargo. How to reduce the risk the transportation of valuables, has been of particular interest to customers and international logistics lp. In addition to the necessary insurance, international logistics lp porter's correct operation also has played a pivotal role. Described below under common valuables how to package handling. 1, piano piano according to the structure is divided into three feet and upright piano, piano structure is relatively complex, is a kind of need care instruments, maintain undeserved or handling method is not correct, will cause damage to the piano, logistics packaging both don't separate the piano parts. First in the piano the outline of the original body with the pearl cotton package, with kok paper to protect the corners, tape winding, outer with thickening cardboard according to the shape of the piano, and finally to customize a piano fumigation-free packing. Pay attention to the last step is shipped to the warehouse logistics lp, again after the scene is unable to operate. Packaging is how to handle after the completion of the work, because the volume of a piano is larger, it usually takes 2 - Four workers to the truck. A person hold the piano one horn, even make force, in accordance with the piano itself towards translation to the truck before, carried on a truck in front of the two forces to piano get in the car, immediately behind the two conveniently push up body, keep the piano body balance, both before and after the same high then pushed into the truck. 2, calligraphy and painting, calligraphy and painting is one of the most important aspect of the collection, need extra attention to protect when handling. First of all, calligraphy and painting to choose some more hard packaging boxes for packaging, must ensure that the outer packing, or packed in wooden cases. In order to achieve better packaging effect, can undertake multi-layer packaging, first pack a layer of white paper, cotton and then use pearl cotton or bubble wrap around cushion layer respectively, and finally again outside a layer of carton package, must pay attention to is to fill up the space inside the box, avoiding the phenomenon of objects in the box are shaking, sealing pastes. The second is required to bring gloves when handling calligraphy and painting, pay attention to the light to take light put, pay attention to avoid knock against. Finally can move and handling cases of ark directly, and should open the locker. Take out the goods, and then put the calligraphy and painting and calligraphy and painting and fixed place, the calligraphy and painting is not touching one hit in the box. To a new place, again into the protection items, sealing protection. Here need to pay attention to, and not any artwork can carry out, some are banned from the late famous works, such as xu beihong, panting, pan, he xiangning works of the masters from exit, specific list can refer to the state administration of cultural heritage '1949 years later, the late famous artists work appraisal standard of limit exit,' 1949 years later, the late famous artists works such limit standard ( The second batch) 》。 3, annatto furniture of annatto furniture is very valuable, during transport to avoid wear and tear, the best thing to do is to do a good job in professional packaging. Now generally regular on logistics lp, has specialized in packaging furniture packaging tools, and there will be training to mount guard logistics master package handling, suggest looking for logistics lp will depend on spectrum worry a lot. So how do annatto furniture packaging? ( 1) Cotton white paper packing: cotton paper overall package of furniture, protect the paint furniture, and can prevent the furniture paint with pearl cotton because of high temperature adhesion. ( 2) Pearl cotton production shockproof packaging: pearl cotton is very good packaging material, a lot of furniture electrical appliances factory packaging foam is to use the pearl cotton overall package, some logistics lp use pearl cotton thickness is 5 mm, shockproof effect is better. ( 3) The fringes of corner protection: the furniture is the most vulnerable, is also the most easily damaged place. You will need to protect horn to protect. Protect horn can according to length to cutting and furniture furniture, the thickness of the bead and strong degree completely can resist some slight collision in the process of transportation. ( 4) High-strength cardboard cutting make the outer packing: use 5 layer thickening cardboard according to the different shape of furniture to cut packaging, sealing taped seams. Furniture is not only easy in handling after packaging, and transportation is safer than some valuables packaging handling matters needing attention in the international logistics, because the value of these things is higher, must choose a high service, high credit when handling international logistics lp, packaged before handling time don't save some of the packaging material money and goods were damaged, so do more harm than good.
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