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International transportation, customs clearance and customs declaration, customs clearance fee and what is the difference between customs charges?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Along with the advancement of economic globalization, more and more international trade, when the goods are exported to foreign countries, it need to be done in accordance with the requirements of the customs clearance, and customs declaration company can say with you, items are clear guanzhong, while also charge a fee. So in the international transportation, customs declaration and clearance, the cost of both what is the difference? 1 the concept of customs declaration and clearance, customs clearance, 报关) Is one of the necessary link to fulfill the customs formalities of inbound and outbound. Refers to the inbound and outbound means of transport, goods and articles, head of the consignor or his agent, through the port of customs supervision, the process of filing and deal with concerned formalities in accordance with the law. Customs clearance, 报关) , also known as the customs clearance, is refers to the imported goods and export goods and transfer the goods into a country's customs border or frontier must declare to the customs, the customs regulation in all kinds of formalities, fulfill the obligations stipulated in the regulations; Only in the performance of the obligations, to handle the customs declaration, inspection, taxation and customs formalities, can release the goods, the owner or the notifier to pick up the goods. Similarly, all inbound and outbound means of transport or carrying import and export goods transport, also need to declare to the customs, customs formalities, get the permission of the customs. During the clearance of goods, it is import, export or transfer, are under customs supervision, are not allowed to free circulation. Clearance is the commonly used oral language of forwarding industry, here mainly refers to the related to import and export customs declaration, inspection declaration, customs declaration documents, transportation, delivery, and a series of specific operation. 2, customs clearance fee and customs clearance FeiQing clearance fee, narrow sense is the customs clearance fee plus the inspection fee ( If you have the commodity inspection or customs inspection) + version inspection agency fee + commodity inspection fee, If you have) , i. e. , related to customs clearance fee, broad sense could include duties, especially in the export delivery people responsible for the import customs clearance, which may include a towing, terminal handling charges, etc. Value more than $500 of goods need to customs declaration, the declaration to the customs a series of produce cost is in the process of customs clearance fee. Export customs clearance fee of first depends on the type and properties of customs declaration, due to the difference of export area and port at the same time, charge amount also differ. 3, the difference between the two customs clearance is an important link in customs clearance, and the whole process of customs clearance, not only have a customs declaration, and in single, inspection, release process, so in the customs clearance fee in addition to the customs charges will there be any other fees, such as wood inspection fee, forklift truck, change single fee, handling, lifting, etc. , so there is a difference between customs clearance fee and customs clearance fee and clearance fee including the customs clearance fee here.
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