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International shipping personal items, international logistics packaging requirements of the item

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
A lot of people don't understand when international shipping personal items, why would the international logistics lp packaging for all items to repackage, think is they in order to earn more profits would make such a pattern, and so on. Actually small make up want to say is really wronged, international transport long way need to use a variety of means of transport, the link is complex and involves the processes, if not to the packaging of goods, according to the standard safety could not effectively guarantee. Because the international logistics industry is the emerging industry, industry standards and regulations also is not very perfect, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain with many years of experience in international logistics, set a good example to standardize the strict request to the packing of the goods. Small make up today to summarize to you, we are international shipping personal items, there will be specific advice of packing. Details are as follows: package suggestion: 1, electric appliance, piano, pottery and porcelain, crafts, antique furniture, such as heavy or precious, fragile items to pack the goods in wooden cases, and good filling material, in case of extrusion is damaged. When necessary, can make a wooden frame fixed on the wooden cases, in order to avoid in the process of transportation. 2, the common demountable furniture, it is recommended to use five layers cardboard packaging + + white membrane protect horn. 3, daily necessities, books, clothes and so on partial light, rule class united play tray after goods packed in cartons. Play tray can effectively avoid the damage and loss of the goods, is advantageous for the ship company tally, loading and unloading, section can reduce a lot of labor costs abroad. Also played the effective protection for your goods. 4, if there is a long and large packaging, when booking must provide accurate single packing length, width and height of the size and weight. Set 20 feet container cargo long can't exceed 5. 8 meters; Set of 40 feet container cargo can't exceed 11 meters length. 5, some small picture frame, glass of some edges of calligraphy and painting, a few small party, to protect horn, so as not to knock against, in the process of transportation to the destination is bad repair. 【 VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is the guest house on-site packaging furniture 】 Packaging requirements: 1, the packing should be strong and in good condition, can prevent in the transport process of packing, inner leakage, loss; Prevent by steppenwolf, friction, turbulence or caused by pressure, temperature change, damage or deterioration of goods; Prevent damage aircraft operator or pollution, shipping containers, ground equipment, and other items. 2, packing in addition to the outside should be geared to the state of nature, and the weight of the goods, to facilitate carrying, loading and unloading and packed; Outside packing surface can't have prominent nails, hooks, thorn, etc. ; Packing should be clean, dry, no smell and stain. 3, advances within the packaging materials ( Such as wood, paper scraps) Can't leak. In addition to paper bag packing of the goods ( Such as documents and materials, etc. ) , check the goods packing tape should be used. It is forbidden to use straw bag packaging or straw rope strapping cargo. 4, pack the goods used in the packing belt should be able to withstand the full weight of the goods, and ensure the goods not disconnect. More than 5, if the packing of the goods does not conform to the relevant provisions, shall require the shipper to improve or repackage the rear can collector. 【 VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is the guest house on-site packaging fragile 】 Different packing type: 1, the carton. Should be able to withstand the similar packing the goods shelved the total weight of 3 or 4 layers. 2, wooden case. The thickness and structure should suit the need of the goods transportation safety; All valuables, precision instruments, fragile goods packed in wooden case, can not have corrosion, bug eat by moth, cracks and other defects. 3, the tray. Ordinary tray bearing best not more than 1 ton, suitable for carton or small bulk loading rules, can play the role of defending against loss, damage, and is convenient for loading and unloading, save labor costs. 【 VIPU international Supply Chain logistics packaging products 】 When using the VIPU do the following work: (international logistics Supply Chain 1) Making English marks: will & other; Box number and full name, telephone number and the port of destination & throughout; Print as a symbol marks on a piece of blank paper, stick in the packing surface. ( 2) According to the sequence number within the box all items listed detailed list ( Electronic version) And print it out, you must have item name and number. ( 3) Record the length, width and height of each wooden cases, in order to convenient to calculate volume, as the payment reference. VIPU Supply Chain international remind you: for the sake of the safety of goods and selects the wooden case and pallet packaging, a corresponding increase of the size of the goods, and charge measurements and shipping company for the volume after packaging, please note. 【 VIPU international logistics Supply Chain field packaging table 】
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