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International shipping logistics insurance how to buy?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
VIPU Supply Chain of customers in the international shipping logistics, very concerned about a problem is the safety of the goods. Choose from home all the way to home and abroad often goods are valuable, rare, or has a special value to customers irreplaceable. So one thousand worn in the process of shipping, lost, what should I do? How to ensure the safety of the goods by yourself? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is to understand the mood and the needs of customers, our packaging team all over the country have received professional training on long distance shipping logistics packaging, overseas agent also is the international logistics association certification service level high company, from the inside out each process link in international logistics, we also strive to do rigorous, even harsh, is from the perspective of the customer the goods safety. However, due to the international logistics which involves many links, there are uncertainties in the process of shipping, including VIPU with any international Supply Chain logistics lp, is no guarantee that the 100% in the whole process of the goods in good condition, only try our best to reduce the probability of damage. This time, if your cargo value is very high, the Marine insurance is a recommended option. In general, you need to consider you checked items in the destination country is about to spend how many money can buy a, namely the replacement value. As whether to buy insurance. When you fill out the policy to the more detailed, the better. Of course due to international shipping logistics checked a lot of things is very miscellaneous, can't write out everything, so please keep in mind that you most afraid of losing have feelings for something such as a birthday gift, and the higher value such as handbags, these must be listed in the policy, please. If you take the trouble to everything as soon as possible to write clear actually also quite good. You can write in other paper alone and then attached at the back of the insurance policy. So that if any accident, the detailed policy is your proof of to insurance company claim for compensation. If the customer did not specifically mention and VIPU Supply Chain consultant according to the known information does not think the customer's goods, it is necessary to buy Marine insurance so VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of shipping logistics business default quotation is not include insurance. If necessary, can and VIPU Supply Chain consultant communication. In general is a value 3% 5% of the insurance premiums.
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