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International shipping logistics goods damaged?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
In the process of international shipping logistics, due to the long shipping period, the distance, after more than the link, therefore, VIPU many customers will be in the process of logistics Supply Chain risks of damage to the goods and how to deal with such problems as question. If so, logistics, international shipping the goods damaged? 1. Looking for a period is to look for during the period of liability of the carrier. During the liability of the carrier for loss or damage to the goods, unless otherwise specified, the carrier shall be liable for compensation. That is to say, the goods to prove the fact that the damage and the damage occurred during the period of liability of the carrier, the carrier shall limit liability or compensation. For example, VIPU Supply Chain as the carrier of the international logistics service, so the goods if in VIPU Supply Chain distribution team hands were damaged, so the loss shall be borne by VIPU the Chain named 'Supply'. 2. Looking for insurance if through VIPU international international logistics, Supply Chain purchase the occurrence of damage insurance on their goods, so VIPU Supply Chain staff will be the following: notify the insurance company, in order to damage inspection and claims procedures, such as keep evidence of notification and communication. After the underwriter pays insurance compensation, obtains the right of subrogation, put in a claim to the third person. So, take out insurance clauses, insurance contract should compensate, avoid not compensate, there is a basis. 3. Looking for the inspection of damage degree, amount of damage, cause need to rely on the inspection of damage. Generally the ship, the insurer respectively assigned inspection and issue a report. The goods such as feel the need to delegate inspection, such as value or to object to the inspection results. Disputes damage to the stage in the litigation or arbitration, the court will make decision considering inspection report. 4. Looking for potential partners may damage claim more than one, can choose according to the contract of carriage relations for the carrier, or find the underwriter insurance contract relationship, or find the infringer claim tort liability relationship. Comprehensive contract, liability situation, the burden of proof, convenient execution factors to consider, also met with all potential partners by prosecution case. Of course, & other; Prevent & throughout; And post-processing with its, be inferior to do a good job of risk aversion. VIPU Supply Chain consultant team has many years experience of international shipping logistics, before the contract is signed, according to the actual situation of the customer's requirements, customer goods advice on whether to buy Marine insurance to and operation. VIPU Supply Chain packing team also have been professional training on seaworthy packing, for the type of goods for different packing way, makes every effort to ensure maximum loss probability in the process of shipping goods to a minimum. However, any international logistics lp, including VIPU Supply Chain, can't absolutely ensure absolute safety in the process of shipping goods. But VIPU Supply Chain commitment, one thousand VIPU Supply Chain carriage of the goods were damaged in the whole process of international logistics, no matter who is responsibility, VIPU Supply Chain are not escape, don't push to take off, and be responsible for the interests of customers. Finally, the international shipping logistics seek VIPU Supply Chain, your trust is our greatest support!
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