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International shipping logistics FCL/LCL/consolidation difference

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of many customers, due to not contact with this field, so for the shipping logistics is not familiar with some of the terms. Although VIPU Supply Chain consultant will according to the customer to give advice of shipping logistics solutions, and provide one-stop services, customer does not need to worry about all the way, but there are several common important nouns: international shipping FCL, LCL, consolidation and the meaning of the difference between them, or should know: FCL/FCL ( 集装箱整箱货物) If you want to shipping a lot of things, such as the whole family moved back to China, can pack a container shipped home. Whole container transport, of course, is not to say that the whole container filled with, but to this container belong to you only a person. Is generally 20 feet or 40 'container. In start shipment ground container stuffing, and seal, then by sea, road transport, has been to the destination. LCL/LCL ( 不到装箱) If you don't have enough cargo loading a container, usually less than 10 tray, you can use this LCL transport method. The containers of goods all together by different shippers. Consolidation/and LCL Groupage consolidation service is very similar, the only difference is that the container of the goods owned by an operator. It took to book the container to the shipping company after the sufficient supply of goods. This is international shipping logistics the whole case, FCL) , LCL, LCL) And consolidation, 化零为整的) Introduction and distinction. Currently VIPU international logistics shipping services, Supply Chain, according to the customer's goods is given priority to with LCL and FCL transport.
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