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International shipping logistics container surcharge: fuel surcharge ( BAF)

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Fuel surcharge, BAF ( 燃料调整因素) Fuel surcharge is due to higher oil prices, the ship of the company's operating costs increase, so an additional fee to the shipper. Most airlines will charge the cost, in general, Europe, the Mediterranean routes such as the cost is quoted separately, and the Middle East and other regions, this fee is included in the total price. Fuel surcharge fee standards are not the same, some routes is according to the percentage of the basic freight rate to charge, have a plenty of charge according to freight ton. BAF with international oil prices often the adjustment of price, but there is a certain time lag, in this case, there will be another surcharge Emergency Bunker Adjustment“ Emergency fuel surcharge & throughout; 。 In the international logistics shipping business, there are three kinds of most often involves surcharge: THC - Dock dues BAF - Fuel surcharge CAF - Devaluation surcharge in VIPU international maritime logistics Supply Chain, must ask whether these surcharges are included in the quotation, lest produce unnecessary trouble in the late. VIPU, of course, the Supply Chain of international door to door double clearance service offer, default is containing the above three kinds of surcharge. Choose VIPU Supply Chain, you don't need to worry about that.
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