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International shipping logistics container surcharge: currency surcharge ( CAF)

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
In the process of international logistics shipping surcharge is charged by ship company, refer to other fees in addition to the basic rate. A surcharge of shipping companies, it is to make up for in the course of carriage, due to the ships, ports, such as those extra spending. Surcharge is a lot of more phyletic, here VIPU international Supply Chain for you to compare common currency surcharge ( CAF) The abbreviation of: CAF is Currency Adjustment Factor, is refers to the Currency depreciation surcharge. In most cases the shipping rate is calculated in dollars, so that we can provide relatively stable currency. Due to shipping involves two different countries, two kinds of different currencies, in dollar volatile, exchange of two currencies will change greatly, so the introduction of CAF & ndash; Devaluation surcharge. For example, the dollar and the RMB exchange rate, was 1:6. 2, now what's the exchange rate. 3. So at the time of conversion is 0. The difference between the 1 yuan. If in the case of currency volatility, sometimes by a certain percentage on the basis of the basic rate increase to a devaluation surcharge ( CAF) . Devaluation surcharge ( CAF) The name of each have different, for instance, Japan airlines call YAS & ndash; The Japanese yen adjust the surcharge. In the international logistics shipping business, there are three kinds of most often involves surcharge: THC - Dock dues BAF - Fuel surcharge CAF - Devaluation surcharge in VIPU international maritime logistics Supply Chain, must ask whether these surcharges are included in the quotation, lest produce unnecessary trouble in the late. VIPU, of course, the Supply Chain of international door to door double clearance service offer, default is containing the above three kinds of surcharge. Choose VIPU Supply Chain, you don't need to worry about that.
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