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international shipping companies and basics on shipping to germany and england

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-17
International shipping companies are there to help you address the needs associated with the transfer of commercial or household goods around the globe.
Today, the international shipping process has become a very professional process, there are many international shipping companies offering state-of-the-art import/specialist companies of goods and cargo transport services to individuals and companies under different modules.
If you want to transfer the goods and freight to different countries, including Germany and the UK, it becomes very important to investigate the details of international shipping companies.
Shipping to the UK, Germany or any country around the world requires detailed information about customs, especially updated and complete shipping documents.
If you do not know the customs regulations, then it becomes your first responsibility to understand them by asking international shipping companies.
If you are particularly concerned about shipping to these European countries, let\'s get a quick idea of international shipping to the UK and Germany.
Shipping to UK: when shipping to UK, you need to show the original passport to customs.
If you are also transferring your vehicle, make sure you clear customs for customs at the port.
To do this, you need to have a purchase list and all the original documents related to the car or vehicle.
If you do not have documents related to the car, the possibility of your car being confiscated by the authorities is very prominent.
All your shipping documents must be complete and updated.
The inventory should have the computer details of the items shipped and the inventory should be in English.
Shipping to Germany: A quick look at the facts some important documents that should be handy when shipped to Germany, including a copy of your passport with your photo and a copy of your visa and/or work permit is only displayed by a foreign citizen.
It is very important for all foreign citizens to have their work permit (Arberterlaubnis)
It will be released separately by the local employment office.
Obviously, you will not need to show a residence visa if you are a German citizen.
You need to pay certain taxable or restricted items for a certain amount of tariffs.
Including tobacco, tea, coffee, toilet water, perfume, etc.
In addition, customs duties must be paid if you also bring bulk handicrafts.
Computer, video, audio and other electronic items such as restrictions.
The serial number and purchase invoice should be clearly displayed.
You should also have complete Erbschein or official documents, otherwise, this will prove that you have given away the deceased\'s belongings and the documents will further show your relationship with the deceased of your legacy property.
More details about international inspections with international shipping companies.
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