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International shipping action PK personal items check method

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
For students studying abroad for the first time, personal items checked is let a person very headache problem, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain experts summarizes several, often people will take the following several ways: random shipping, international express delivery, shipping, and baggage, what are the advantages of these methods, cut to small make up moments: a: Marine shipping refers to the carrier, in accordance with the stipulations of the contract of carriage of goods by sea, by sea shipping as a means of delivery, the freight charges to as remuneration, will be the shipper of goods transported by sea from one port to another port. The shipping cost is low, but at a slower speed, time is usually 5 - shipping time Eight weeks to reach the destination, for 5 - Eight weeks shipping time, you would be affected with damp be affected with damp rot the goods for you to worry about? When you spend a lot of time and energy to transport these goods, only to goods two empty, will bother to you? Strength, suggest that students try to choose a regular shipping company, avoid unnecessary trouble caused by lost luggage and economic losses. Advantages: low cost, long time. 2: refers to random check random check passenger take a flight to a destination, deal with relevant formalities by the luggage items, together with up passengers in the same flight to transport process. It is very convenient to deal with random study check-in luggage, students at the airport when the customs check in at the same time conduction. Random check, but there will be a weight and size limits, according to the different airlines, under free shipping weight limit is also different. Within the scope of the 20 ~ 40 kg (roughly Air China 40 kg, sia 35 kg) , if more than this range, it will charge a high air freight; Also has the corresponding provisions and trunk and width 3 edges the sum is no more than 158 cm high, usually 1 to 2 pieces of luggage. In addition, according to the Australian & lt; Labour law & gt; Regulation, piece of luggage must not exceed 32 kg, otherwise don't help handling. If the size is larger, such as furniture, bicycles, etc. , some airlines do not even allowed to check it, and the way to the student at the airport baggage claim. Therefore, if the luggage is not overweight, adopt the method of random check is the most economical. International company advises students, studying in preparing luggage when going abroad for the first time is so urgently required and must try to choose goods, such as seasonal clothing, required school supplies, common over-the-counter medicines, and so on. Advantages: very convenient, most students take this way. Three: international express international express refers to two or more than two countries ( Or region) Conducted between the express and logistics business. National and state ( Or region) Deliver letters, business documents and goods delivery business, is through the national border between port and customs for inspection express release the shipping method. International express the destination country, after again transport in the destination countries, to express to the final destination. International express the biggest characteristic is economic, convenient, you only need to fill out a simple listing can deal with, economical cost, aging fast, high security, from the time for you, the price and items on safety concerns. Choose express this is a more cost-effective manner, generally 3 to 5 days can be delivered to the destination, is very convenient, is the best way to emergency and bare. Advantages: such as EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT and other international Courier company, can fast to destination directly. Four: international baggage checked, refers to the customer to choose professional international shipping company, the door to port or door to door shipping type, luggage items shipped to the destination. International shipping refers to through professional luggage | package shipper company, to deal with personal belongings in international transport. Because such companies specializing in private goods transportation, professional service, moderate price, more assured, aging, and safety door to door service for Posting don't need to go out for a party, and has a specialist is responsible for tracking all the way, do not need to provide any identification, convenient and hassle free. Advantages: can enjoy beyond international express service, but the price only 3 - international express 4 fold.
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