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International private goods clearance full resolution

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
International private goods clearance VIPU Supply Chain international international ocean shipping, international air transport logistics services, in addition to new products, and trade items, our way of customs clearance are to declare, in the form of personal belongings VIPU Supply Chain according to the personal belongings of long-term experience in international transportation for customers consider each place can avoid tariffs, the details of the maximum reduction or even avoid tariffs for you. 1, what is the category of personal belongings? VIPU Supply Chain based on long-term experience in international logistics for you to define the mainstream national customs personal items category: using more than 12 months or 12 months ( Part of the national customs requirements is 6 months) Self-used goods such as clothing, shoes, books, bags, stationery, furniture, appliances, etc. , the same name the same style the same types of high value items quantity most more than 5 pieces may increase the chances of tariffs, customs officials may think that item number is not in the range of self-use levy customs duties on goods. 2, through VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to deal with personal belongings clearance what benefit you can enjoy? Through VIPU international logistics Supply Chain in the form of personal belongings by sea/air transportation to the destination, if the recipient identity to comply with relevant regulations, the customer in advance according to the requirements of our professional consultants ready to customs clearance data, complete private goods customs clearance form, can maximize the reduction or avoid tariffs. 3, private goods customs clearance need to provide what information to VIPU Supply Chain? International air freight/Courier: packing list, copy of passport first page, visa page copy of international ocean shipping, packing list, copy of passport first page, visa page copy and destination countries private goods duty-free entry application form with the above information should be according to the checked items weight, facilitate foreign customs clearance and to avoid tariffs, VIPU Supply Chain also provides clients with information: proforma invoice personal belongings proof document shoes the battery letter to prove that the FCC supplemented by the electronic declaration other customs documents in general, international express under 21 kg does not need to provide documents and relevant certificates, VIPU Supply Chain for customers to make personal belongings proof do export, if the destination customs have special requirements, up in the customs clearance and ask for the recipient information. 【 Generally include: passport, visa, English ShenMingXin ( Mainly illustrate the recipient, such as study abroad, access, etc. , that the items in the package USES, and is private goods, non-commercial trading purposes) , student id card and the letter of admission, customs clearance form 】 ; 21 kg package, or bulk shipping we offer personal belongings in destination country entry clearance form to the customer, VIPU Supply Chain will guide customers to fill out, and the photocopy of passport home page and visa page copy, a recent flight to destination electronic itinerary ( If you have provided) , parcel list mail back related to customer service, by VIPU materials of customs clearance department Supply Chain operation.
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