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International Marine furniture encountered in general average?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
In the international logistics industry, if the customer need to transport the goods volume and weight of the heavy like furniture, piano, such as large, general will choose the mode of transportation for maritime transport. Shipping distance and the long-term turbulence, a variety of unexpected situations occur, so we would recommend customer for door to door shipping insurance. Also includes a general average in each of these accidents, many people estimate that don't know what is the general average, small make up today, will come to tell you about when we were in a multinational shipping furniture in general average we should do. Definition: general average means in the common maritime adventure, when ship, goods or other property confronted with common risk, for the common safety, deliberately and reasonable measures to directly caused by the special sacrifice, to pay expenses, by the beneficiary according to the proportion of the legal system. Only those who really belongs to the general average loss by all parties to gain share, so the establishment of the general average shall have certain conditions, namely the maritime dangerous must be Shared and true; General average measures must be intentional, reasonable and effective; A general average loss must be special, abnormal, and directly caused by a total loss measures. Case: UASC container ship & other; Al Riffa” Number ( 13500 TEU, built in 2012) And the MOL & other; San Felipe” Number ( 8700 TEU, built in 2014) In port klang berths, collide and cause the front two ship goods chop is on fire. “ Al Riffa” After a fire, has been an emergency dragged away from the berth. Port klang local fire agency, said the accident happened at around 8 p. m. local time on October 29th, for this accident, Bernhard Schulte, Ship Management, said in a statement last night, the company Management of container Ship & other; San Felipe” Number, in with in the anchoring state of container ship berthing operation & other; Al Riffa” Contact, accident occurs, the pilot on board a ship. After the collision, the front two ships goods crib fire, part of the shipment being thrown into the sea, part of the shipment is damaged, and additional fees in port klang. Processing result: as the MOL SNFE0442W the ship in port klang collision, domestic shipping company received the exact information, immediately inform my generation, a generation of forwarding shipping company E-mail to documents here, I immediately after receipt of the information communication with the customers. Customer is the main concern of the goods has any problem. Now need to undertake the processing of general average, before the general average untreated, the port of destination guest cannot suitcase. Specific operation process are mentioned in the E-mail attachments. In simple terms, is divided into two kind of situations: 1. Insured guest: 1) Let DiHuoRen fill out the FORM A, 2) To provide the commercial invoice value of goods as a proof, 3) Let the insured to fill in the FORM B; It can be handed over to the insurance company to deal with. 2. Uninsured guest: 1) Let the SHIPPER or the CNEE to fill out the FORM A, 2) To provide the commercial invoice value of goods as a proof, 3) Need to pay a certain margin. Edit comments: whether insured or uninsured guest, a specific treatment scheme, including the need to provide information, and any damage to the goods, such as can contact PIC, specific how to operate VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will help processing. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for go abroad all the year round to provide international logistics transportation services, furniture if you have any international shipping requirements, welcome to call our hotline.
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