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International logistics you have to know the insurance knowledge

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
With more and touch people moved overseas, in the face of the domestic home those who don't give up off, so I need international logistics, international logistics and because involves the customs declaration, shipping, delivery and so on abroad, many appear all sorts of conditions, then the insurance knowledge about international logistics need to know what? 1, which a few steps in the process of international logistics to insurance of the goods? What kind of risks? In the process of international logistics logistics work, as long as related to cargo operation, supervision of operation is likely to be involved in cargo insurance. General insurance is the most important link in warehouse operation, air, sea and land transport operation stage. In many cases in the process of port operations as part of the transportation insurance covered insurance is. Shipping is planted in the process of basic and additional risks, basic risks and fpa, wpa and all risks 3 kinds. Plant mainly include land transportation risk in the process of road transport and land transportation all risks. In the process of air transport insurance is divided into aviation risk of carriage and air transportation all risks. 2, the insurance company in cargo damage or loss of the goods when the exercise of right of subrogation which problems need to pay attention to? In the logistics insurance legal relationship, logistics contract conclude insurance contract party and underwriter. Causes in the parties to an insurance contract under the condition of damage or loss of goods, the insurer to cargo interests first compensate, and then obtain the status of the cargo interests, the right of recourse against the person liable. At this time should pay attention to the following questions. ( 1) Determine the goods in advance the interests of the party not to give up any rights of any damage to the goods, this is to ensure that the underwriter claim rights can fully make up for. ( 2) After the underwriter claim, shall be obtained and all kinds of subrogation and lawsuit evidence, and should make the goods with the stakeholders. ( 3) Pay attention to property preservation and evidence preservation. Logistics insurance contract is bigger, often mark when necessary to exercise the right of property preservation in order to ensure the interests of the insurer. ( 4) Logistics legal relationship is complex, very professional, so in advance and afterwards the law to choose logistics, maritime consulting professional lawyer. 3, how to deal with insurance claims procedures? In the event of damage or loss of goods, insurance claim, need to go through the following procedures: first of all, from the claimant to the insurance company to provide the following documents: original insurance policy or certificate, transport contract, invoice, packing list, to the carrier and other correspondence or other documents of the compensation responsibility of a third party requests and the insured has to perform the recovery procedure should do such as documents, by the foreign insurance agent or inspection report issued by third party notarization institutions abroad, accident report. Maritime cargo damage, generally all pay by insurance company, international logistics lp or the ship is not liable, s cargo damage certificate, statement of claim, etc. Complete the formalities, the insured in the delivery of documents, waiting for the examination and approval of the insurance company, decide whether to give pay, how to pay. If the insurance company decided to compensate, finally to payment by the insured by insurance company.
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