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International logistics valuables when handling the matters needing attention

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
International logistics, logistics from country to country, the process is complex and cycle is long, including the definition of logistics, country of shipment and destination customs clearance, logistics in destination country. Move from one country to another country life, its what you want to take the natural is determined after a lot of carefully. Besides handling necessary personal belongings at ordinary times, the most common is the valuables, such as customer collections of calligraphy and painting, the annatto furniture in the home, children learn music in the piano, and so on. These items in the customer heart of weight are heavier, a little damage for clients and international logistics lp is always not good. The valuables in the process of international logistics transportation, because the item itself value is relatively high, so will the freight company to bear the risk is higher than general cargo. How to reduce the risk the transportation of valuables, has been of particular interest to customers and international logistics lp. In addition to the necessary insurance, international logistics lp porter's correct operation also has played a pivotal role. Below small make up to talk to you several common valuables, handling the matters needing attention in the international logistics. The piano. The piano is one of the current domestic popular learning instruments, slightly higher value compared with general instruments, high class in a lot of families choose began to let children learn at an early age, and most of the international logistics lp service object is such a family. The piano in the timbre or with the affection between people, the older the better, of course, so often have customers in the international logistics choose took piano together to the destination. Piano piano according to the structure is divided into three feet and upright piano, structure is relatively complex, logistics packaging both don't separate the piano parts. First in the piano the outline of the original body with bubble wrap package, with kok paper protect the edges and corners, tape winding, finally into a custom wooden nail. Formal international logistics lp can be customized for each customer's piano wooden boxes, thin layer of the complex transportation board cannot very good protection of the piano. Packaging is how to handle after the completion of the work, because the volume of a piano is larger, it usually takes 3 - Four men to move to the truck. A person hold the piano one horn, even make force, in accordance with the piano itself towards translation to the truck before, carried on a truck in front of the two forces to piano get in the car, immediately behind the two conveniently push up body, keep the piano body balance, both before and after the same high then pushed into the truck. Any one don't too hard and cause the piano body tilt out of balance, team members how to cooperation is very important. Calligraphy and painting antiques. Though, calligraphy and painting antiques and piano is valuables, many because of the small volume weight compared with the piano, when handling so focus on how to package, any a small friction collision is an indelible damage on the surface of a calligraphy and painting antiques. First we say, the packaging in the calligraphy and painting, VIPU Supply Chain international tailor wooden frame according to the size of each piece of calligraphy and painting, calligraphy and painting between separated with Chen cotton paper, ensure that won't hurt each other between calligraphy and painting and calligraphy and painting, finally into the box. Antiques belongs to fragile, with white cotton paper parcel first antique bottles, with bubble wrap to a layer, pearl cotton wrapped a layer again, finally in equipped with anti-collision bag packing box. Tape winding package, labeled fragile, up again on the box body, reminded the porters careful handling, by inside and outside of the multiple protection minimize damage from the outside world. Annatto furniture. Annatto furniture because of the scarcity of raw materials and is famous for its exquisite craft, the value of this furniture is a lot more expensive than normal, so many people will choose to transport in the international logistics, annatto furniture. Annatto furniture has strict requirements on the packaging, you must first use bubble wrap wrapped a layer of annatto furniture, according to its original shape cutting board cover furniture again. Handling time to avoid dangerous actions, such as heavy pressure, fall off, take put down gently lifted. The other. In addition to the above three common valuables, when customers in the international logistics will also bring some other small higher value items, such as handbags, clothing and jewelry and so on. Packaged in accordance with the original packaging to package, and finally unified in the packing box. These goods is not recommended for our customers in the international logistics transport packaging of sea transportation, plentiful in the sampling inspection if the customs is the need to pay the duties. Edit summary: after the above small make up of introduction, believe everybody to international logistics valuables when handling the matters needing attention of know already. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for each customer's different, transport valuables custom exclusive differential solution for each customer's goods international transportation. If you have any questions about international logistics transport valuables, you can online with our customer one-on-one q&a.
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