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International logistics, valuable annatto furniture want safety handling to go abroad to need to pay attention to?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Many immigrants logistics to foreign customers can choose transport annatto furniture, how the annatto furniture of safety handling to go abroad, is that they are more concerned about a problem, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up to summarize several handling the case of annatto furniture, in detail how to handling annatto furniture. The furniture of annatto furniture is expensive varieties, is heavy, so carrying up more troublesome. In order to better carry annatto furniture, reduce the damage of annatto furniture, packing is very important. VIPU Supply Chain according to the international logistics international packaging standards, professional degree of customer satisfaction. 1, 1, cotton white paper packaging, packaging paper as a whole package of furniture, furniture paint protection and prevent furniture paint with pearl cotton because of high temperature adhesion. 2, pearl cotton production shockproof packaging: use VIPU Supply Chain international custom pearl cotton joint furniture package, pearl cotton is very good packaging material, a lot of furniture electrical appliances factory packaging foam is to use the pearl cotton whole package, the difference is that kind of pearl cotton generally thin, and we are custom 5 mm is the thickness of pearl cotton. 3, high-strength cardboard cutting make the outermost packaging: use 5 layer to strengthen the cardboard board according to the shape of the furniture production outer packing, packing tape paste gap. Second, carrying though the annatto furniture has been packaged, but still need to gently in the process of handling handling. VIPU Supply Chain logistics master has the rich experience of handling annatto furniture packaging, in the process can minimize damage to furniture, safeguard the interests of the customer.
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