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International logistics to Canada do not covet is cheap

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
In all walks of life, with the deepening of market competition, many companies in order to get more business opportunities, will decrease the price, hope to attract the attention of consumers. In international logistics industry, some international logistics lp because management idea is not mature, the service is not perfect, so we can not get stable customers, only at a low price to attract new customers. Behind all kinds of cheap, everybody to want to understand a truth: no good cheap goods! Many companies provide international shipping logistics to Canada by far below cost to attract consumption, and then in the process of service constantly charge of fees, let consumer is deceived shouted. So, when choosing international logistics lp, everybody must not only consider the price, rather than the nature of the service. First of all, why do some international logistics lp can offer low price services. Some large international logistics lp, for their part, have their own logistics team, so you can use less than common logistics company's service price for customer choice. But some small international logistics lp don't have their own logistics platform, but through cooperation with logistics company model, establish benefit chain, achieve win-win both sides. This kind of business model are reasonable and lawful, but can bring a lot of trouble to nature of the service. For example, when the international shipping logistics to Canada after the problems arise, the customer can't directly with international logistics lp to discuss claims matters, also need to involve logistics company. Next, want to understand the international logistics service price should be subject to the agreed results, should be clearly written in the contract. In other words, after the service, international logistics lp don't have any reason to continue to increase the charge. The cost of international shipping logistics to Canada in the industry is almost transparent. If some international logistics lp price is less than the cost price, please be careful with fraud. Some international logistics lp in order to obtain benefits, will be in the process of service in a variety of reasons to continue to receive money, so as to make up for the loss of cost. So, everybody is the international logistics lp to discuss service prices, ask follow-up service fees issue special, and recorded in the contract in black and white. Finally, with the development of the whole international logistics industry mature, the relevant departments for service fee assessment and investigation of the company. For those who collect fees in disorder international logistics lp, we need to report in a timely manner, to avoid more people be deceived. At present, our country's international shipping logistics to Canada's price is relatively cheap, is suitable for people of all economic layer choose popularization service project.
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