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International logistics tip: do not put bedding tucked in bed drawer, cabinet

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Ms. Cheng in Beijing at the time of our operation personnel on-site packaging, encountered such a problem: in order to save a space, place the quilt in the home in the bed drawer, such behavior is not actually correct: 1. You simply from the consideration of saving space, feel no problem, but in practical cases, this kind of hard plug behavior not only can lead to a single volume of goods is overweight, has virtually increased the unnecessary heavy cargo handling fee, especially under the condition of artificial abroad is very expensive, so a excess baggage is often hundreds of dollars in additional costs. 2. Second, when the goods enter the port of destination customs clearance, the gasser behavior may increase the risk of customs inspection probability, produce unnecessary doubts. So, given all that, the actual handling in the process of subjective cognitive biases are likely to cause an unpleasant international logistics experience, hope everybody can understand that these overlooked details, let own international logistics trip more comfortable. Sorting: VIPU Supply Chain international LYNN
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