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International logistics, the necessity of buying insurance do you really know?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Good packaging, civilization and careful handling, do it all, even 100% accidents and accidents are often unavoidable, because the international logistics cycle is long, long distance transportation, transit times, this time buying international logistics risk guarantee service will come in handy. In order to avoid possible misfortune, international logistics lp in the provision of logistics services, will suggest clients to buy an insurance. In this world, no one is willing to deal with insurance, but modern people and no one does not contact the insurance. We all don't like to use the insurance, but whether you like it or not, insurance, it is the last resort. It's on your goods when facing broken even catastrophic losses can yet be regarded as a good remedy. Items if you don't buy the corresponding insurance, it means that all the risk of in transit shall be borne by your own. This insurance is not compulsory, however, completely by logistics customer their wishes, but professional logistics lp usually recommend the customer buy a transport of goods of this kind of insurance, according to your actual situation, the goods need to transport the kinds of value, and so on, it is recommended that you choose different kinds and amount of cargo insurance, in order to better avoid of your goods in transit will bring losses. Can choose to buy insurance to a certain extent, improve the safety of logistics items, if you choose not to buy international logistics insurance, so if in the process of international logistics, you have some valuable things happen knock against, etc. , caused the loss is according to the cost compensation, this is not fair for transport enterprises, so the requirement is quota compensation. But if your item really expensive, far less than the limit losses, so that they will compensate for your economic loss. Therefore VIPU Supply Chainlogistics company will measure the value of logistics goods in advance, and whether there are valuable and fragile items, such as the goods they will suggest you transport of valuation. First logistics lp to don't want to pay for the high cost, in the process of transportation will be especially careful meticulous, then if the event of a loss, also can ensure that your economic interests is not compromised, crosses the threshold limit compensation, the compensation will follow a more reasonable. International logistics insurance principle 1. You must be insured for all items for each ready to carry items must be within the scope of the insured, the international logistics don't accept some items arranged separately. 2. Your packaging needs you to recognized by the international logistics packaging items have not been evaluated by the international logistics, we will be unable to meet any loss caused to you, the international logistics except for approval or packaging items. 3. Reset you must cover the insured value at the destination at the destination of the cost of replacement of ultimate value, you might find it hard to know the real value of the destination item, but you should know enough to the cost of living. 4. To evaluate the value of the goods to you for valuation of the item, will directly affect the average value of the claim. For example, if your $100 worth of chair, changing the destination of the replacement cost is $200, in the case of irreparable damage to put forward the claim, you will be deemed to underestimate the 50% of the value of the item, you will get only 50% of the claim. 5. List details such as: if you have three administrative office chair in destination countries value is 200. $00, you should write: number of commodity value 3 chairs US $600. 00 if the value of one of the chairs is 400. 00, then you should list the number respectively commodity value 1 chair ( The boss chair) US$400. The chair (002 Receive a visitor chair) US$200. 00 once you lists all of the projects, international logistics will be calculated on the basis of the value of each column to insure. High value items to cover any more than $500 worth of high value items, must be declared value especially. Please note that all claims may need ownership certificate, certificate of value and the loss and damage. 7. Transportation in the process of storage, please note that if you need goods in transit warehouse, please specify in the international logistics customer service, warehouse storage time more than 90 days to tell us in time, in order to delay the insurance; If your storage location does not occur within this range, loss and damage are excluded from the scope of cover. 8. Do not fall within the scope of insurance in the following circumstances: A loss or damage caused by any government behavior, the loss caused by the customs authority or official confiscation. B due to the goods value depreciation of transportation delays. C the shipper packaging items have not been evaluated by the international logistics by D due to packing material problems caused by the loss and damage. E jewellery, precious stones, cash, money, bank notes, contracts, traveler's checks, COINS, stamps or alcohol, beverage, food and other prohibited items such as lost and damaged. F the loss caused by climatic conditions or wear and tear, insect pests or the loss caused by the change of the inherent defects. G anything internal electrical equipment, machinery, data of damage or wear and tear shall not claim, unless there is external damage in delivery. H is lost or damaged before the insurance costs are not yet received no compensation. I for car own loss or damage caused by power out of control. J caused by war, nuclear and radiation or radioactive pollution, the damage caused by uncontrollable factor. If a lot, distance is very far, need to find the international logistics, international logistics, find need to meet international logistics principle, it involves the insurance act, insurance coverage outside the two cases, need to find out specific content inside, can protect their own rights and interests of the legal. International logistics is a good way to help us logistics, but it is important to note that the use of rules, avoid foul.
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