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International logistics that commonly appear in the process of problems and solutions

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
In recent years, more and more immigrants settled abroad, and immigration at the same time, many people are going to make some things also carry the past together. Itself, the international logistics is different from the domestic logistics, in which more or less will appear some problems, today VIPU in immigration logistics under Supply Chain to introduce the problems and solutions. One, the price would like to know friends of the multinational logistics is rare, that know the price are much rarer, a lot of friends on the price is very sensitive to the word, need to do to get the best price? Actually, in terms of price, if we are going to want to know a market price, the most simple way is to find international logistics lp to ask directly, compared several can know about the cost. International logistics costs generally consists of fixed cost and variable cost, fixed fee will be stated in the contract, such as packing, freight, sea freight, customs clearance fee, port charge, destination port door service, etc. , floating charge fees are due to some uncertain factors, such as inspection fee caused by customs examination box railway demurrage, because your goods does not conform to destination country policy and the tariff, the consumption tax, etc. , specific what fees, international logistics lp and your instructions in advance, and have their own standards, so good consulting is key in advance. Main attention is that no matter which international logistics lp, operating costs are high, the logistics cost is not very big difference. If some friends on the Internet to find a company that claims can be much cheaper to alert, because you pick up the sky didn't fall pie. Second, the security we all know, the international logistics cycle is long, long time the handling of the goods they want to spend money entrusted to the international logistics lp, just want to play good condition they can be shipped to the new living environment, if any damage, more or less will affect your mood, so how to ensure the safety of the goods transportation? Is very simple, the best way is to protect from two aspects: packing and insurance. First is packing, in general, international logistics lp has a professional packaging team, they use a professional packaging materials, and in strict accordance with the international standard to the packaging of goods, logistics can effectively relief goods damage. Followed by buying insurance, can be in a certain extent, improve the safety of logistics items, if you choose not to buy international logistics insurance, so if in the process of logistics, some valuable things happen knock against, etc. , caused the loss is according to the cost compensation, but are limit compensation, if the items really expensive, far less than the limit losses, so inevitably cause irreparable economic loss, by this time, insurance will come in handy, in case of loss, the insurance can ensure its own economic interests is not compromised, crosses the threshold limit compensation, the compensation will follow a more reasonable. Three, there are some people who care about the problem of time, after all, the international logistics involved in customs clearance by sea, etc. , is a lot, if you don't know the time, will affect the use of the goods, when it's necessary to know some time problem. International logistics abroad, if the item is more, are generally not choose the shipping way, it's an inevitable problem, for a long time of shipping. With China shipping to Australia, or Hong Kong by sea from Shanghai to Melbourne or Sydney, sea voyage time in more than 15 days, if shipping from China to the eastern United States or Europe, time will be longer. Some common immigration purpose of shipping schedule, From sailing to the goods to the port of time) : about 25 to the west coast About 35 - is 35 days, the east coast About 15-45 days, vancouver 210-25 days, Toronto 18 to 30 days, Australia 5-25 days, Singapore 8-10 days, Japan 15 days. In addition, there are customs clearance time, generally, customs clearance time is 7 - at home Ten working days, and foreign customs clearance, the time needed for different countries, different five working days or so commonly in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, generally within 2 weeks, Europe generally a week or so, Canada is more special, need the consignee to the customs office in person to accept consulting, assist clearance, generally can be released the same day. Of course there are some factors that influence the customs clearance items such as the customs spot check, declared value discrepancy, tariffs, carrying an illegal items, etc. So when ready to choose shipping to transport their goods, do your homework first, and see the one which don't band which, according to the time the visa and ticket arrangement, again suggest 2 months in advance ready to international logistics, packaging finishing set aside half a month time, it is best to arrange ship at the port of after you log in a thoughtful, didn't have enough time to prepare for customs clearance. Before finally suggested in logistics, had better choose normal logistics lp, and signed the agreement on logistics, so as to effectively avoid some of the common problems.
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