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International logistics, suit to use what kind of goods by sea? How long is the shipping time?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Shipping of large capacity, low cost, convenient channel, is the main mode of transportation in international trade, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total traffic volume of international trade, our country most of the import and export goods, transport by sea transport way. International logistics, in which case, we will use shipping? Shipping time is how long? First, what kind of goods is suitable for using 1, volume or weight of shipping the goods volume or weight of the larger, select the international Courier or by air, cost will be very high, can choose by sea at this time, as some international logistics, industrial goods, and so on, the way by sea to save cost, but if the goods more anxious, suggested that don't go by sea. 2, the aging does not require the goods if we don't try so hard, the need to check some a long time to use the goods, so this time you can choose by sea, because under the condition of not limited by time, transport by sea is a way to save freight cost to the greatest extent. 3, container cargo usually use some container good industrial products, such as tires, machine, etc, in view of the volume, it is not feasible to choose by air, this time by sea is more appropriate, some factory goods, raw materials, the most common mode of transportation is to use by sea. Second, the shortcomings of general how long by sea shipping time is slow aging, but no matter how, sea transportation's friends want to know the sea voyage time, in order to arrange time of imports and exports, the following is the Chinese to the main regions of the world's flight time, only supplies the reference: 1, in east Asia ( Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan and South Korea) : China to the east Asian region is relatively fast, usually 1 - 3 days; 2, southeast Asia, New matei, etc) : the goods go by sea to southeast Asia, spent about 7 - 10 days; 3, South Asia, India, Pakistan and other countries) : about 15 days; 4, Macao new line ( Countries such as Australia, New Zealand) : China to Sydney, Australia, basic it in 15 days or so, about 20 days to New Zealand; 5, the Middle East line ( Dubai, Iran and other Arab countries) : 15 - 25 days; 6, north Africa, Mediterranean area, Turkey, Spain, Greece and other countries) : eastern Mediterranean countries basic port is about 25 days, and the Mediterranean Sea west of Spain, Portugal was almost 30 days; 7, the European countries ( Britain and France Germany and Italy and other countries) : shipping to Europe basic is more than a month, about 30 - 40 days; 8, east line ( More countries such as Sudan, Kenny, South Africa) : although Africa is far, but basic is around 25 days to the eastern port; 9, west Africa line: relative to the port in eastern Africa, west port to bypass the eastern Africa, again into the west, it is only natural that the long, general time is 35 days or more; 10, North America, east and west: western port in 12 - in North America 14 days, and the eastern port in need around a big circle, then you need to 25 30 days; 11, Central America, Central America, generally the shipping time to Mexico as 20 days, other ports in 28 - commonly 35 days. 12 and South America line: because influenced by ocean currents, west of South America is commonly 25 30 days, east of South America because of the need to go, you will need to 30 - 35 days. Above is the ideal situation, shipping time, once there are other factors, the specific time becomes uncertain, such as customs inspection, customs clearance documents missing, the weather, the ship emergency, etc. , are likely to affect the shipping time.
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