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International logistics should understand the knowledge of the shipping container

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
In the process of international logistics, in order to effectively carry out international container multimodal transport, must strengthen the standardization of container, should further increase container standardization work. Container standard according to the scope of use, with international standards, national standards, regional standards and company standards. International standard container - VIPU international logistics Supply Chain business usually adopt international standard container shipping is according to the international organization for standardization ( ISO) The 104th technical committee of international standards to build and use the international general standard container. Container standardization through a development process. The international organization for standardization (ISO/TC104 technical committee since it was founded in 1961, the container international standards for many times add, and modify the increase or decrease, the current international standards for the 1 series, a total of 13 kinds of its width are the same, 2438毫米) There are four, length ( 12192mm、9125mm、6058mm、2991mm) There are four, height ( 2896毫米,2591毫米,2438毫米,2438毫米) 。 The national standard of container - Standards, China's own container is home logistics/customer need to understand the knowledge of container logistics to China governments with reference to international standards and to consider their own specific circumstances, and develop their own container standard. The current national standard 'rated container outside dimensions and weight' ( GB1413 - 85). The containers of various types of external dimensions, tolerances and the rated weight. Regional standard container - According to different regions, the choice of the targeted such container standard container logistics services, was organized by region according to the region's special situation, this kind of container is only applicable to the region. According to the European international union of railway (such as VIC) To formulate the container built standard container. Standard container - company Different companies have their particular standard of container, container logistics business, so for a specific company rarely use some large container ships in international logistics company, according to the specific circumstances and conditions of the company and formulating standard of container shipping companies, such cases mainly used within the scope of the company transport. Such as the United States company 35 ft container the land and sea. In addition, the current world there are many non-standard containers. Such as non-standard length 35 ft container with U. S. marines company 45 ft container, the shipping company and 48 ft container; Height of non-standard containers, basically have 9 ft and 9. 5 ft two height container; Non-standard width eight container. Width of 2 ft container, etc. Because of the economic benefit drive, the 20 ft container gross weight in the world today to 24 ft of more and more, and generally welcomed. Container international logistics services. Questions relating to the international container shipping logistics or inquiry, please contact VIPU Supply Chain international customer service, we would like to for your international container shipping logistics issues contribution wisdom:)
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