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International logistics shipping note

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Shipping international logistics generally engaged in the personal belongings of the international transport, mainly in the service of immigrants, international students and foreign employees, visitors, etc. The industry has developed rapidly in recent years, due to various international logistics lp size is different, lead to the service level is uneven. So we must know some shipping international logistics matters needing attention. 1. When we choose international logistics lp, must to its subject qualification and ability to fulfill the contract, so as to determine whether the other party have the carrier qualification and ability to ensure the safety of the goods to the destination. 2. Fill in the contents of the consignment note should be true, because form by the carrier to accept the goods consignment note, and by the carrier through a waybill, the contract of carriage of goods is established. 3. The shipper must be checked on the condition of marked station, station and the unit of the shipper, consignee, name and address, marked indication packaging storage and transportation in accordance with state regulations. 4. In the process of transportation have specialist care and custody of the goods. Supercargo is responsible for the safety of the goods, and to comply with the relevant provisions of the transportation. 5. Before items checked, we must first understand the contraband and dangerous goods transport limit, lest cause unnecessary trouble, when the customs inspection delay shipping time. 6. Items to pack, conform to the requirements of the transportation safety, avoid damage caused by items lost in transit.
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