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International logistics shipping furniture choice which way is more cost-effective

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
With the development of international logistics lp industry in recent years, international logistics has been quietly popular in the immigrant communities. Generally there are three kinds of forms of transportation in international logistics, shipping, air and land transportation. Three kinds of transport modes have their own advantages, and international logistics if there is a big volume personal items, such as large furniture, piano, in the absence of land transportation conditions to national, international logistics lp will suggest the customer to choose the shipping way, much cheaper than by air. Then there will be a lot of people ask, in the international logistics shipping furniture choice which way is more cost-effective? Small make up just to tell you about today. International logistics tend to have two kinds of furniture to need by sea, is a kind of new furniture, a kind of old furniture is used. New furniture in the international transportation belongs to the freight, will generate additional duties through customs. And old furniture generally use more than one year already, belong to private goods transportation. Generally choose the furniture of shipping international logistics customer belongs to the latter, small make up today's shipping old furniture, for example, in accordance with the cubic volume size to respectively in detail. One is the FCL shipments. In container transportation and container transportation, which as a carrier for transportation and handling. There are three kinds of specifications for customers to choose: 20 feet ( About 28 cubic) can be installed , 40 feet flat cabinet ( Can carry about 56 cubic) , 40 feet tall ark ( Can carry about 68 cubic) 。 Multinational clients choose this transportation is usually the family move, logistics will have a lot of furniture and life items to transport, international logistics lp in accordance with the whole container to quote price, the unit price is cheaper. 2 it is bulk. Items when the customer enough, unable to form the whole ark to customs clearance, the customer can choose bulk carrier, through the way of bulk carrier, for customs clearance. In this case, the customer's shipping furniture pack on their own to the customs supervised warehouse, after by the customs to measure the volume of furniture and the container of shipping. The price relative to the FCL transportation is more expensive, and the customer need to packaging, both in time and consume more energy. Three is mixed container transportation. If the customer does not have many items, except maybe choose bulk, you can also choose to check spell ark, this way the general operation for the customer by logistics lp. Port customers goods will be shipped to the same country after the container FCL transportation, this mode of transportation relative to bulk cargo transport, in addition to the price has the very big advantage, also has a lot of guarantee the goods safety. Small make up to introduce the above three ways is the most common in the international logistics shipping furniture, as to which scheme is more cost-effective, each customer can choose according to the different transport demand to transport scheme. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain all the year round to provide door to door double customs clearance service, according to the customer demand to provide FCL transportation and mixed container transportation services.
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