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International logistics service tips to Australia

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Australia and New Zealand as the main two countries of Oceania, with natural and unique geographical environment, not confined to any other country, the protection of the ecological environment do quite in place. So multinational logistics to Australia or New Zealand of any country, demand is much higher than other countries in the nature. As we are with many years of experience in international logistics, it is only natural that the demand for Australian customs each time and update. Small make up today to give you list the country's new Australian customs policy and the matters needing attention, hopes to be helpful for your trip to the international logistics. The Australian customs policy & bull; Australian government regulations, new immigrants or citizens living abroad, can be in settlements have and use more than a year and a self-used articles and personal property, tax exemption into ( Back to) Australia, if there are any new items and then declare to the customs, in accordance with the customs policy need to pay 5% duty and 10% GST. • Australia to the environment protection is very strict, all personal belongings entering Australia, must pass through the AQIS inspection and quarantine rear can release, some of the local environment may cause the influence of the goods, the customs will negotiate with the consignee, such as: disinfection, destroy, and to return. • Private goods customs clearance without the consignee on the scene, but the consignee provide passport photo page and visa page copy and fill out a personal items duty-free entry application form ( B534) After, provide packing list and Marine bill of lading for customs clearance. Notice & bull; Fragile perishable goods, if any, do not use wood packaging, log to use fumigation-free plank manufacture wooden cases, if necessary, we can provide fee. • Log furniture, rattan products, such as insect repellent treatment should be done, to avoid the AQIS inspection found that the disinfection is required to generate additional cost, our company staff to see in the door when the goods or packaging will remind customers pay attention to in a timely manner. • Of items such as alcohol products, the customs may require a separate declaration, and based on the type of wine, Red wine, white wine, liquor, etc. ) A high tariff, degree and ml. • Voltage of 230 v Australia, most of the domestic home appliance can be used in Australia, if you have air conditioning and other items in the high-power electrical appliances, the customs will require a separate declaration items model, power, cold media type, electrical standards, such as audit, complete rear accessibility, audit will produce cost is about 100 - About $300. • Australian customs tariffs for most of the items and the consumption tax are unified, calculated as follows: * 5% = tariff, goods value ( Goods value + tariffs) * 10% = consumption ( 销售税) Combined, so the tariff and the consumption tax as a declaration of value of 15 items. 5%. • Australia's local logistics lp, according to the housing different and additional charge distribution, villa for standard service, apartment for elevator use, parking and other issues, will produce extra work time, so the distribution services tend to charge additional fees to the apartment. • Australian AQIS inspection suggest a single personal items, usually in 40 minutes, but by AQIS personnel shortage, so the queuing time will be longer, according to the season and the port is not the same time will be different, usually in 7 - About 15 days. • When all items are in the most items for the new, the customer will often used items and new items declare to the customs, unified reasonable after change the packing to avoid tax, declare the value of 3 - usually the purchase value 4 into the left and right sides, in order to avoid the customs doubt on value, the customer usually requires the furniture stores issued a procurement contract, encounter.
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