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International logistics, products for the home how to package

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
International logistics, the family usually have a lot of small items, no matter whether you choose logistics lp logistics for you, is the need to complete the process of finishing packaging, need to pack is some groceries and daily necessities. These all want to know some skills. These small items is also the most difficult, the most easily lost. To order not disorderly of logistics, please prepare in advance some paper box, categorizing fragmentary goods packaging boxes, such as kitchen, study, bathroom supplies, etc. Be sure to packing and classification, advantage is a health, 2 it is a good move, items not easily lost and broken! When the usual carton note collection, logistics has its own use, if you can not find logistics lp buy when logistics, also can buy a, where recycling but not very health, is not recommended! 1, books, magazines, laptop, DVD such rules for comparing these are the shape and weight is heavy goods, suitable for small carton ( Size is 31 cm * 41 cm * 51 cm) To install. Because these things are heavy, the box is too big hold so much, can't move up & hellip; Ps, disc such as little as possible, if more advice dispersed on different boxes ( The customs is very sensitive for the CD, piracy is too much! ) 。 2, clothes, quilts, shoes, and articles for daily use such as these are items of irregular shape and weight is light, suitable for large carton ( 51 cm size is 61 cm * * 41 cm) To install. Loading advice when go to online search talent packaging that video, is the clothes, roll roll roll) that way very save space, put clothes will be more tidy. Covers with a bag to good again put in carton. Best shoes inside the shoe, lest be squeezed out of shape. Articles for daily use, those odds and ends of gadgets, with a bag or a small box, or when your devanning time will find little scattered everywhere, don't ask me how I know, that is more tired & hellip; ( Is scattered thing together very tired ah) 。 Ps, remember that don't use compression bag, compression bag if air leakage in the process of shipping, release the pressure to the cartons damaged. 3 packaging, furniture furniture, if you can remove the sort of, be sure to open it again after packaging, Can save a lot of space? ) ! If you can't remove the sort of, direct wrapped in a layer of bubble film in the outside, I am a simple package. Here to explain why as long as easy package & ndash; — Because mobile wooden house itself is made from quality compression plate, solid and wear-resisting, this is one of the best protection, in mobile wooden furniture, ensure it won't move around. As a result, I found a simple packaging not only save the time of packaging materials and packaging, is the super environmental protection, and mobile cabin space more!
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