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International logistics process and charges

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
One, main freight of 1. Packaging ( Including wooden case or carton materials, box door) 2. The door pick up the goods packing and land freight 3. Customs declaration and customs inspection fee 4. Port of miscellaneous, warehousing, terminal handling charge 5. The sea, Empty) Freight 6. Unskillful and wooden items fumigation fee, archaize documents ( If you need) 7. The port of destination port customs clearance, miscellaneous, towing, customer confirmed the destination ( First by a personal items checked need customer confirm to reach the purpose of the site) Door to port: make sure personal items shipped to the destination port of door to door: determine the detailed English address two personal items shipped to the destination, inquiry, confirm offer door to port: by sea freight is floating in different periods, so need to connect with the international logistics lp before the items shipped to determine the final cost. Door to door: for expenses involved in overseas, need you to call or EMAIL us on both sides of the door address detail in advance in order to query. Third, tally, Purchasing items) , packaging, For personal items checked the cargo tally, Purchasing items) , packaging) Four, entrust formalities: fill in international transport. Five, the file transfer: goods door to door delivery, Packaging) , listing items at the same time, customs required documents ( Original passport, resignation certificate, certificate of graduation, etc. ) 。 6, insurance: according to the customers' actual value proportional to handle the quoted items. Seven, customer billing, obtains the bill of lading and insurance policy, at the same time get back his passport. Eight, the bill of lading pick up the goods overseas. Customs clearance documents required to Chinese customs clearance documents: 1. Passport ( Visa) 2. Ticket ( Such as air) 3. Packing list 4. Private goods transport statement 5. The trade goods customs agents a power of attorney international customs clearance documents required: 1. Passport ( Visa) 2. Ticket ( Such as air) 3. Packing list 4. Returned overseas students, issued by the school graduation returning must certify that 5. Work returned, aliens shall resignation certificate issued by the work unit 6. Private goods transport statement. The trade goods customs agents a power of attorney
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