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International logistics, private valuables

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Exemption of new immigration policy of different countries, more and more people choose to move your personal belongings, but when the logistics will inevitably have some private valuables need to handle. International logistics, after all, is to travel, don't want to damage it because of a logistics, that we are handling the valuables, what should you pay attention to? 1, since have the valuables, that at the time of logistics must be handled with care, on the choice of logistics lp is to have cultured, but can casually, must pay attention on the choice of logistics lp to note a few things, had better choose a large scale, the logistics industry reputation is better, more successful case, credibility good logistics lp, in choosing a good logistics lp later must sign a contract in advance and logistics lp, each piece of market valuation should have the valuables and tell logistics lp to properly handling, if still don't rest assured to buy a certain amount of insurance for goods. 2, damaged the valuables for fragile, such as ceramic, glass, precious celebrity calligraphy and painting, etc. , must be done in advance and logistics lp agreed handling measures, the present situation of the record at any time during the process of handling items, look if there is any breakage, and buy insurance for the valuables. 3, small valuables to ensure safety, it is better to let the head of the household to carry, many female head of the household will wear some gold, silver or platinum such first act the role ofing is tasted, can carry, do not have to logistics lp, in order to avoid loss or damage cause unnecessary disputes, and some fund, stock and other documents in the home, can carry or kept in custody at a bank, or placed in a safe, in case of one thousand. 4, for some large large goods, valuables, such as some equipment, instrument, will be prone to wear in the process of handling damage, want to buy some insurance, so if there is accident happened, than with logistics lp compensation disputes more convenient.
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