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International logistics private items checked some of the common sense

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
If you are a new immigrants, students, the employment of foreigners in China, often in and out of abroad, carry a lot of personal items, these items are either too big is too heavy, or it is easy to damage, and to check in and computer are extremely inconvenient to carry. How to avoid these problems, the following detailed to introduce the personal belongings of private goods transport some basic common sense: 1, the size and weight of domestic shipping each item with the sum of length, width and height of the packaging shall not be less than 40 cm. The largest volume of mail items in the application model, weight limit according to the route. Units in kilograms, Chinese practice of delivery of goods weight according to the weight calculation. Lack one kilogram by one kilogram of business accounting, across a kilo of mantissa rounding. Light bubble goods per 6000 cubic centimeter or a kilogram of business accounting. Freight to Angle, Angle of the following round. Each waybill minimum freight for 10 yuan. Gross weight value in more than 20 yuan per kg can handle goods declared value, YouJiRen mailed goods. According to the rules in class declaration value surcharge. Declared value surcharge accounting methods: declare value - Component X20X0 practice. 5% each waybill statement value is usually not more than RMB 500000 yuan. 2, compensation in our country the world airlines goods domestic air transport insurance agents. YouJiRen in the mail items, must be in goods mailed book stated that the practical value of the goods. If the goods in the transport of damage, loss, the insurance company will compensate according to the insurance regulations. Insurance of the goods, world airlines in our country to undertake the compensation of RMB 20 per kilogram; Dealing with air transport declared value is according to the declared value as compensation. 3, certificate of mailing formalities should be as attached. YouJiRen mail item should fill in domestic goods mailed book and hold unit introduction letter and your id card; On items should show people useful certificate ( Such as identity CARDS, come, driving license, soldiers, passport, etc. ) Mail live animals, plants, must be completed in advance clean etc and items related to the transport of quarantine. Fresh perishable goods, animals, and emergency care of mailing formalities. Mail delivery of the goods, as well as government regulations need to the public security, quarantine and other relevant portion of the check and inspection of the goods. In order to ensure that air transport security, China airlines staff have the right to lucky YouJiRen goods for security check. 4, dangerous goods, domestic flight, in principle, don't carry inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic and dangerous goods. But a fit the world air transport rules, secondary packaging of radioactive isotopes, and the world flights need to transfer to other domestic terminal of dangerous goods, according to the State Council, the general administration of civil aviation rules. The outer packing, outstanding fit the world airfreight request to be able to use domestic flights to destinations, and the freight charges in accordance with 150%. 5, packaging and marking field agree with full shipping request. Animals, fresh perishable goods, valuables, such as special goods packaging should be fit for all kinds of goods of a specific request. Each item of the outer packing should be specifically indicate the name, address, consignee and YouJiRen storage request, the packing of the goods to consolidate shape, simple. The original old clean symbol should be removed. 6, escort goods transport needs to adopt protective measures in the process of care, care to ensure the safety of goods shall be sent to escort. YouJiRen mail need special care of animals, the value of valued goods. Then go to China airlines ticket since buying the ticket. Escort goods shall duly front tonnage, supercargo should contact the airport freight part in advance. China airlines to send the goods within the time specified airport freight part to take care of the mailing formalities. Supercargo should conduct check-in on its own.
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