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International logistics points (customs declaration Australia)

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
In recent years, Australia pleasant because of the natural environment and good air quality, become the destination of choice for many Chinese immigrants or study abroad. In addition, Australia's welfare policy has also attracted many people intend to immigrants, the Australia's skilled migration policy is more cause the attention of a number of international students have a long term group. If the logistics demand you because immigrants to Australia, because study abroad needs to be checked their personal belongings, compared with the airlines and the high cost of overweight baggage allowance, and a variety of uncertain factors of international shipping, international logistics professional family whole or private baggage services can meet your requirements. The Australian customs for banned and must declare requirements such as meticulous, in order to avoid your mistakes will be banned items packed into their luggage, has added to the customs clearance time, please arrange their own personal belongings, pay attention to the following should not be allowed to carry items in Australia: antiquities, source of disease, come from the pestilence area or transmitted diseases of food, medicine and other drugs, fresh food, live animals ( In addition to cats and dogs) , animal and plant specimens, animal and plant pathogens and pest, dead animals, soil, etc. For other can carry items such as Australia, in the customs declaration process need to prepare documents, and the corresponding tax policy is as follows. * in the actual operations, please according to the specific situation is different, to your relocation consultants to understand the detailed operation flow, customs policy and the required documents. Immigrant families moving in all kinds of documents information: air bill of lading or ocean bill of lading full B534 customs ( You must use a 6/00 version) * the above information can be used to copy, but if the goods is arrived in Brisbane port, you must use the original list of goods in English copies of passport information page and visa page ( If the goods have arrived in Sydney and Perth/fremantle port, according to the requirements of the customs single B534 need to provide all over 18 years old in the family members of the copies of passport information page and visa page) The shipper full name and Australian domestic fixed address ( Not allowed to use the postal address and office address) Customers to packaged goods, people need to submit items belong to own list the contents of subsidiary duty-free policy: home of the overall relocation, has used all personal belongings of the full 12 months will be exempted from tariff other note: after the goods arrived in DAFF will examine quarantine procedures, may cause delayed clearance work about 14 working days B534 customs form should be completed before the goods arrive in all finish need special handling items: one of the new furniture, must make declaration, the customs may impose tariffs, and when the customs required to provide original purchase vouchers; Genuine antique can duty-free entry, but need to provide the British art dealer association issue a certificate of authenticity. Family overall relocation of all kinds of precious metals, can also be duty-free entry; If there is a motorcycle or a car to transport an entry, the need for a formal declaration application, and in addition to the above information, you also need to submit the vehicle manual, police records, vehicle inspection report, sales records and invoices, car import licensing, such as data, and the need to pay custom duty. All kinds of foods, including meat, canned food, instant noodles, herbs, herbal tea, vacuum packing meat, dry, dim sum and infant milk powder is banned or through special application to immigration, as a part of the whole family move items, please don't for packaging. Plants, including flowers and other living plants, ornamental plant materials, wood, bamboo and dried flowers, art request again, also do not as a part of the whole family move items to pack. References in this paper, some content from the Australian customs official website ( ACS) , its website address is: http://www. 边境。 全球之声。 au
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