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International logistics personal items how to packing in order to ensure safety

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
Immigrants go abroad to the domestic furniture items carry to go abroad, will air it out that is about to choose sea at this moment. In the international logistics transportation is usually a shipping container, the entire logistics process for a long time, there are problems, so in order to ensure their own personal belongings are security, good packaging is indispensable, so how to package your item to ensure safe? Here are VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to have customers packing advice: 1, in container or packing will be after the completion of each carton number, then according to the code listing. For 10 cases goods, such as: you have installed 1 box, if you can write on the corresponding carton first name and about quantity of the item, and then in the carton box marked as 1 above, you can use (1), said can also be expressed in 1/10, 1/10, here & other; 1' Representative is the first case number, & other; 10' Was represented by total number of cases, the final written on the packing list corresponding to each item name and quantity ( Please remember: all the cases including suitcase and you prepare the cartons are need to fill in the number) Reference list inspection, in order to customs officials. 2, packing is completed, please fill out the unified logo in each carton, so that Yu Chengyun company recognition, such as Shanghai VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will use each of the consignee contact information for the name on the passport and abroad made special labels, tags will be posted on all the cartons after arrived at the warehouse on the packaging. The weight of the 3 items, please note that when using the reasonable collocation, and fully understand the carton design bearing, as you can to items weight is beyond the carton design bearing, so the cartons damaged risk will increase, could eventually lead to cartons lost items. 4, when packing, please note: if the cartons is not full, need to use filler filling the remaining space, so that can ensure the goods transportation without shaking in the cabinet, the cartons will not damage or deformation by extrusion. 5, some items of the paint surface, don't directly packed in plastic shockproof material directly, need to use white paper do first render packing, avoid in the process of shipping caused by high temperature plastic shockproof materials and surface paint together. 6, some valuable electrical appliances, breakable please make fumigation-free packing, after the packing items such as some of the article such as glass or marble mesa, please put forward to carriers, the first is the need to make those items fumigation-free packing, secondly these items need to erect, if it is a flat, probably because the vibration of the transit damage.
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