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International logistics personal goods, insurance is the key

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Personal goods logistics purchases appropriate insurance during international transportation, so that customers can be prepared. According to VIPU Supply Chain's many years of experience in international logistics, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other places customer personal goods logistics, sometimes It is inevitable that there will be some unexpected situations, so that we have to prepare in advance when we are logistics, but no matter how good or professional the international logistics company is, it is impossible to guarantee the safety of the goods 100%, which makes logistics insurance especially important. So far, there is no insurance specifically set up for personal goods logistics. It’s just that there are incidental personal goods logistics insurance on many main insurances. At the same time, many companies merge insurance such as personal goods logistics into property insurance and transportation insurance. In fact, these types of insurance are far from satisfying customers to protect property in the international logistics process. Requirements. For private goods logistics companies, they urgently need this kind of insurance to insure the goods in each private goods logistics activity, but there is no need to evaluate the value of each goods, but to set a special claim In this way, the company can pay the premium for each vehicle in the logistics activities, and it can have a certain degree of protection in the event of an accident. At present, the risk-taking in the transportation of private goods logistics companies and customers is still in a relatively vague state. Once the logistics company's exemption occurs, the customer must bear the loss. Therefore, what you can do before personal goods logistics is to put some valuables on property insurance, and it is necessary to be prepared for this.
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