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International logistics: personal belongings should be read carefully written quotation and customs information

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
For personal belongings to the handling of customer, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain staff remind: reading and writing in the quotation carefully the customs information. In the early stage of the communication is smooth, we will issue a written quotation to customers, usually in the form of PDF documents sent by Email. In formal international logistics lp are marked in the quotation is included in the price and does not include what services. Inside also specify how the offer is given according to the volume/weight of personal belongings. If you think the quotation content is not correct or you want to change some additional services include in quotation, so please timely and VIPU international logistics Supply Chain staff contact. In addition, you need to read carefully the destination country's customs regulations. If discovered to pay to the port of destination costs, tariffs, etc. , there are limits to carry contraband will make you very headache. Of course, this is our staff will check, usually there is no problem.
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