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International logistics personal belongings self-service packaging guidelines

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
VIPU international logistics Supply Chain in the nationwide to provide door to door service, by professional packing team the door properly, reinforcement, and ensure that your goods safety condition in the process of international shipping logistics to arrive at the destination. Of course, can also choose to packing, please according to the following self-service packaging guidelines to operate. Clothing/bedding packing technique step: put a layer of cotton at the bottom of the carton paper; Put clothes in a moisture-proof bag; Packing; Moisture bag before sealing is covered a layer of cotton white paper. Note: if you plan to use vacuum bag compression clothing, bedding, etc. ( Kam fai) is not recommended Vacuum bag, please prepare quality is good, the international shipping time is long, transit times, if produce vacuum bag flat topped carton goods loss situation, our company is not liable. Desktop computer packaging technique steps: desktop computer removed; Use cotton paper backing; Use bubble wrap for anti-shock treatment; Packing, the carton space use cotton white paper filling. Note: removed the mouse, keyboard, power supply cord with air bubble film coated together and tag, avoid scattered; Will display a mirror between host and filled with shockproof materials tightly, to avoid shaking produce damage; Within the computer carton suggest not to put some hard objects. Books/toy packing technique steps such as: cotton pad at the bottom of the carton paper; Put books neatly in cartons. Toys, respectively, with cotton paper parcels; Toys neat wrapped in cartons. Note: 【 Books 】 You can put all kinds of books, respectively in different cartons, and make notes on the carton, convenient quickly find books to be used in foreign countries. 【 Toy 】 Packing please send toys batteries remove when electric toy, avoid calls in transport, and so on and so forth; Which when combined toy, please separate each toy components use plastic bags together, avoid scattered, confused. Shoe/sundry packaging technique steps such as: wrapped in white paper to separate each pair of shoes; White cotton wrap shoes; Shoes will be wrapped neatly into the carton. Sealing. Note: when the shoe box please note don't put too heavy too tight in cartons, avoid shoe deformation; Expensive shoe can be after the box into the carton. Kitchen tableware packaging technique steps: using cotton white paper to separate the packing of the tableware. Pack the appearance of the first layer; Put dishes neatly wrapped in cartons. Sealing and opening the box labeled fragile. Note: tableware and cutlery, suggest use bubble wrap or paper interval, avoid the skin caused by slight shaking, and so on and so forth. Spoon, chopsticks and other small items available coated white paper together into the carton, avoid scattered. Crafts/furnishings packaging technique steps: cotton white paper to prevent scratching in arts and crafts processing; Using bubble wrap for anti-shock treatment; Put cloaked handicraft upright on the inner wall of the carton; Use cotton paper cartons filled the remaining space. Note: handicraft packing note multi-purpose shockproof material filling, heavy cartons don't pack, avoid goods damaged caused by extrusion. Furniture packaging techniques ( The chair as an example) Steps: cotton paper against off paint processing base; With bubble wrap even a chair, do shock; 5 layer board for the last carton packaging; Will mark on the package front chair. Note: item packaging, furniture is not recommended to save space and put other items in the furniture, furniture to avoid deformation due to long time transportation, also is not convenient to moving and handling items is too heavy.
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