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International logistics packing fumigation wooden furniture in the description

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
In international logistics, because many personal items such as furniture in order to get effective protection in the process of long distance ocean, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain packing workers often use solid wood packaging for the customer, at the destination for the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, the European Union, the needs of the wood packaging fumigation processing. The objective and scope of the wood packaging fumigation in international trade, At the same time for the international logistics) , countries to protect their own resources, for some imported goods subject to compulsory inspection system. Wood packaging fumigation is to prevent the harmful diseases and importer of a kind of compulsory measures taken by the forest resources. Contains wood packaging of export goods, therefore, must be before the shipment to the elimination of the wooden packaging, fumigation is a way of treatment. Wood packaging generally refers to used in packaging, pad and support, and reinforce the goods material, such as wooden box, wooden box, wooden pallets, wood pad storehouse, barrel, wood cushion, sleepers, wood plate, wood shaft, wood 稧, etc. For our export wood packaging fumigation countries: the United States, Canada, European Union, Japan and Australia, among them to the United States, and must be issued by the official certificate of fumigation. The whole case 1 fumigation. Don't need to add IPPC logo, packing directly after the goods to the site and inform the fumigation team for fumigation, according to the destination countries of different spraying different scale of fumigation agents, divided into CH3BR, PH3, such as customer has no special requirements, fumigation team spraying CH3BR potions, fumigation for 24 hours. 2. Need to add IPPC logo: first landed on site after the goods delivered to site and notify the customs broker landing the position of the goods, fumigation team will in each packing before and after applying & other; IPPC专用” Words, then packing and arrange venue, then for fumigation. 3. Fumigation of packaging: do the commodity inspection, inspection of documents to the customs and special packaging for fumigation LCL fumigation for LCL cargo fumigation can do it in the same container fumigation, but must at the same time satisfy the four conditions: 1) The same destination port 2) 3) in the same country The same voyage 4) In the same commodity inspection quarantine fumigation some instructions and requirements of 1. Wooden packing materials with bark is not allowed. 2. Fumigation of wood packaging to shipment as soon as possible, at the same time pay attention to the individual deposit, and from the other untreated wood, wood. 3. The validity of the certificate of fumigation for 21 days. Fumigation problems related to my goods with wooden furniture, need to be fumigated? If using wood packaging, furniture and purpose of state-owned fumigation requirements, the need for packaging fumigation. And regardless of the old and new, woodiness furniture itself is not need to do fumigation, Except log) 。
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